Wednesday, February 3, 2021


     As we enter the 2nd week of the New Order, the Junta issued a decree which resulted in a de facto change of the national flag. To my mind, doing things like changing flags, building forts around the national capitol, effacing cultural monuments, putting former leaders on trial, imposing curfews and travel restrictions, etc. sounds a lot more like a Revolution than just another new Administration assuming office. The Head-of-State even set up a new social Commissar's office dealing with so-called LGBTQ Affairs. (No it's not a dating service, though the title might suggest that 😇). Obama had first established the position in late 2015, but it was abolished by President Trump before it could do too much damage. 

     To the average Ameroboob, of course, the symbolism of this flag policy is completely lost. 

    What these pinheads fail to understand is that a flag is a little bit more than some national fashion statement. Yes, I realize that some Conservatives in the past---though they were well-intentioned---went overboard with flag-burning laws and such. But that's not what this is about. A national flag is a symbol not only of the nation, but what the nation represents. Now our Old Glory contains 50 stars on a field of blue, representing each State which voluntarily is a part of our Union. The stripes represent the War of Independence, the white being the Faith in a Higher Power and the Justice of our Cause; the red representing the willingness to fight for it. When people see a flag, they understand what kind of nation they are dealing with. 

    I understand that this is a bit traditional and therefore complex to explain to dumbed-down Postmodern America. But the hideous Rainbow Flag that the Junta has adopted symbolizes something too. It symbolizes the fake unity promoted by the Insurgency all last year. Its stripes stand for identity politics and their dominance over the actual Rule of Law. The Junta is sending a clear message through this decree that we've entered a New Order in earnest. It's no argument to pretend that the presence of the old national flag any longer has any meaning. The Third Reich, for example, displayed the German flag next to the Nazi one until well into Hitler's first year in power. Then---as now---nobody seemed to notice that what one flag symbolized completely contradicted what the other flag did. 

    The Rainbow Flag also symbolizes globalism. The homosexual subculture from which it originated has never been known for its commitment to nationalism. Before the Corporate Media began proliferating the perversion into mainstream society, there were formerly certain districts in every large to midsize American city where these types congregated. This was true in other countries as well; and the higher status homos knew the whereabouts of all of these places. Both the CIA and Soviet Secret Police often used such people as informants because the Obsessive-Compulsive nature of their perversion always bound them more closely to their own community and made them more willing to betray their nations at large. That mentality has never changed. No sooner had homo 'equality' been adopted in this country than there was a push to impose it upon every other country. And under the current Regime, those initiatives are going to return with about 12 times as much ferocity. 

     The tie-in between promoting the homosexual lifestyle and the Elites' goals of population control ought to be obvious. True, some of the Elites themselves, like Apple Computers CEO Tim Cook and those scumbags in the Stryker Family, are into such behaviors in their own right. But the Elites' ultimate goal is to break down the family and has been for a long time. B.F. Skinner, one of the early proponents of modern Scientism, published a novel in 1948 called Walden Two which has since become required reading in nearly every School of Education in the U.S.. From the Wikipedia article:

     "In its time, it could have been considered science fiction, since science-based methods for altering people's behavior did not yet exist. Such methods are now known as applied behavior analysis. Walden Two is controversial because its characters speak of a rejection of free will including a rejection of the proposition that human behavior is controlled by a non-corporeal entity, such as a spirit or a soul. Walden Two embraces the proposition that the behavior of organisms, including humans, is determined by environmental variables, and that systematically altering environmental variables can generate a socio-cultural system that very closely approximates utopia."

    By 1995, Christopher Lasch warned in his study Haven in a Heartless World that "much of the past century’s family-related social science views the traditional family’s work of child-bearing and parenthood as authoritarian, repressive, untutored and untrained . . . the last stand of the amateur, and therefore in need of expert oversight. In effect, it functions as a new kind of religion with a new kind of clergy." Despite Lasch's warnings, Hilary Clinton published It Takes a Village to Raise a Child the following year. Clinton's book went to the Bestseller List and was reprinted in 2006. Lasch's is rarely encountered outside of academic circles. 


     Aside from its symbolic representation of Identity Politics, the Rainbow Flag also represents the converse: Collective Guilt. False guilt is a major psychological weapon in the Neo-Marxist's arsenal. What C.C. Peckham recently observed about Klaus Schwab, the ideologue behind the Great Reset fairly describes the general attitude of most of the supporters of the Left: 

    "While he is avowedly 'secular,' Schwab clearly has an almost religious sense that humans have broken something, and that they must now, through extraordinary effort and sacrifice, 'render what is due.' For Schwab, humans themselves are the enemy. Recognizing climate change is never enough. We must recognize that we are the sinister source of degradation. The would-be caliphs of the Great Reset wield salvific power: In the name of science, they promise to save us from ourselves, and to deliver us from our 'broken normalcy' to a new godlikeness, by dint of our own technological ingenuity." 

    Among the general population, this false guilt is the driving force behind the  otherwise inexplicable masochism and obsession many Americans have with sacrificing their own welfare and subjecting themselves to the most degrading humiliations imposed upon them. Traditional depth psychologists have always understood that a guilty conscience frequently seeks punishment as well as a compulsion to confess their guilt. There is also the element of sacrifice as an vicarious atonement for sin. As we can see from its effects, this is weaponization of science at a fiendish level.

       In the case of Klaus Schwab and many other Elites, the (real) guilt caused by their own crimes usually is subconsciously denied and projected outward upon society. These people are, in general, psychopaths. Others, like George Soros, have long repressed any sense of guilt at laugh in their sleeves at the chaos they cause to their own profit. These, in general, are sociopaths. Fanatics, neurotics, and psychos: that is what is in control of the so-called most powerful nation on earth right now. That is why we must resist and pull ourselves out of the orbit of their power as much as possible; because it's obviously no use trying to appease maniacs. 



  1. Something I did not notice until now. In april (29th) those two bakersfield docs published their video on youtube. It was QUICKLY removed. More videos like it came out and were also pulled.
    Then all the sudden - riots everywhere - but fishy riots. Bricks appearing everywhere and the media and their fact checkers lying about it all.
    Something real bad is going on.

    1. It is, and it's extremely well-orchestrated. The people behind this 'Great Reset' have more money than most governments have at their disposal. In fact, they own the Biden Administration. One WEF asshole alone, Larry Fink of Blackrock Holdings, covered the last three US Gov't bailouts.