Monday, May 29, 2023


    Today is Memorial Day, which once upon a time was a day to honor US Military veterans and was also a time when Americans launched a sort of unofficial start to the Summer holidays. As the Corporate Media and politicians have been reminding us, only three years ago, the only 'cookouts' going on were waves of rioters burning down retail stores and homes (many of whom have never been compensated); and the only 'honoring' we saw were the soon-to-be-defunded police kneeling in shame in front of the rioters. Even the 'deadly' Coronavirus stopped spreading temporarily to lend its voice to popular wrath. 

    As for our brave xhes in uniform, President Trump could barely scrape together enough such 'heroes' to defend the District of Columbia. Shortly before the crisis, he'd ordered US troops out of Syria---who also defied him and are still there; illegally 'guarding' Syria's oilfields and forcing locals to work them at gunpoint. Where this oil is going, nobody knows. A few months later, the Pentagon went into full mutiny with the Chief of Staff phoning world leaders and telling them not to panic in case he had to overthrow the Commander-in-Chief by force. This was all followed by sham trials where the policemen involved in the incident touching off the riot were convicted in show-trials and are still rotting in prison. The nominal Head-of-State reminded us on Thursday that we should not forget such things. I agree that we shouldn't: albeit for different reasons. 

   The average Ameroboob probably has memory-holed most of it by now, despite it happening less than 36 months ago. But for those inclined to have cookouts, there are plenty of recipes online for Cannabis-infused barbecue sauce and Memorial Day blowout sales for the holidays. As interesting side-note, the unofficial American holiday of April 20th now is the top-selling retail day, surpassing Christmas, Easter, and Valentine's Day. Coincidentally or otherwise, April 20th is also Adolf Hitler's birthday, and Der Fuhrer was a known drug-addict, sexual deviant, vegan, and deeply into New-Age mysticism and enforcing Cancel Culture. Nothing better symbolizes the state of Postmodern America than that. 

   As for actual Memorial Day itself, I confess to having mixed feelings. When we speak of honoring our military veterans, from roughly the time of the War of Independence to the end of the Cold War I can agree that they should be appreciated. Many forefathers served in the wars of those bygone days. When we're talking forward from the 1st Bush Administration, respect for the US Military becomes a little more problematic. 

   When the Soviet Union collapsed, then-Defense Secretary Dick Cheney systematically began eliminating military offices and farming them out to no-bid private contractors---a policy that he later greatly accelerated as Vice-President. The Clinton Co-Presidency began a systematic purge of officers to fight "the culture of toxic masculinity"---a policy that was amplified radically under Obama. Trump's 'swamp draining' unfortunately left most of the Pentagon untouched: in fact, under James Mattis, the Pentagon Swamp became more deeply entrenched. Since the Junta assumed power, the general direction of the Military seems to be more ideologically concentrated and bent even further towards a merger between National Defense and as both a global and domestic policing agency.

   The First Bush Administration also set the new direction of the Military---focusing less and less upon actually defending the United States and more and more about the interests of the Deep State and globalist financial and economic cartels. Bush began this transformation even before his infamous New World Order speech on September 11th, 1990. In 1989, Bush executed the invasion of Panama after a failed attempt by the CIA to overthrow the government there. Bush ignored a UN Resolution against the Panama Invasion, illegally deported President Manuel Noriega and tried him before a US kangaroo-court, and blatantly committed numerous war crimes which went unpunished and unreported by the servile Corporate Media.

    This action was basically the template for every other US Military action which has followed since. With the exception of the invasion of Afghanistan in 2002, it's doubtful that a single US military operation since that time had the slightest justification and all of them---including the 20-year Afghan Occupation have been rife with corruption, blatant disregard of International Law, and Crimes Against Humanity. 

    Lest we wish to imagine that the Pentagon has confined its crimes to foreign soil, consider their own admission to using Psyops on Americans, their admission to feeding propaganda into the Mainstream Media, and their use against American citizens during Hurricane Katrina and elsewhere. During the Scamdemic, Governors even deployed National Guardsmen to enforce the curfews and lockdowns. It doesn't seem as though the Postmodern Military is especially disposed to uphold their oaths about "defending the Constitution" very much. 

   Thus Memorial Day---like many other holidays---has become something of a meaningless anachronism. It celebrates an America that was, not what American service-xhes represent in the present zeitgeist. In a nation which has become as divided as ours, a Military packed mostly with public-school products chosen for their ability to follow orders and led by a thoroughly politically-corrected officer corps is not something that one can muster much respect for. The Pentagon essentially is nothing but another captured Federal bureaucracy and not really worthy of much more respect than the SEC, the FDA, the IRS, or any other agency of the Deep State.

  I think that we would better served on day like today that, instead of reflecting on the sacrifices of our forefathers, we instead reflected upon what our Military once was versus what it has become. The Military didn't become a crime-ridden collection of 'woke' goose-steppers overnight. Again, it is another problem of our own making. We've had decades of warnings that our Armed Forces were hotbeds of corruption, that Political Correctness and Wokeness were forcing down recruiting standards, and that wars were being fought with little or no justification. Yet, as usual, we turned a blind-eye to all of it then as we disregard it all now. 



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