Friday, June 21, 2024


        Never fear, loyal Republican voters! The now-woke GOP at long last has been addressing the now obvious problems with demographics, specifically those of our youth and educational issues. Besides taking up some very progressive positions on hate speech and co-opting Cancel Culture to replace the Left-Wing agenda in education with their own propaganda organs. None of this will do anything whatsoever to solve the current crisis, but it makes for good clickbait and online flame-wars.

     This week our illustrious Congress passed a Bill mandating draft registration and, to be Politically-Correct, this new proposal would include women for the first time ever. The Neocons have been playing footsie with this idea for a long time. With Republican collusion, the Clinton Co-Presidency began attacking the Culture of Toxic Masculinity in the Pentagon starting circa 1992 and began shoehorning more women into military positions. For awhile in the 1990s, some Republicans protested this to the point where Bush Jr. promised to reverse these policies during the 2000 Election. Bush promptly reneged on the promise; in fact his Administration exceeded even the Clintons in promoting Feminist takeovers of traditionally male positions and it hasn't been an issue among 'Conservative' politicians since. 

    Mandatory National Public Service will be the next step, of course. The concept has been applied in Totalitarian Regimes historically and has been a dream of kindred spirits of these governments here too for a long time. Many public schools have had a mandated 'community service' requirement for graduation (just like jails); and 'Conservatives' have never had any major objection to it. Given the increasingly authoritarian bent of the postmodern American Right, and their general feeling that any problem can be solved with a bludgeon, the idea is appealing to a certain type. Most Millennials and younger are prime candidates for such a program; young Americans today have been conditioned very extensively towards fatalistically accepting authority.

    Of course, due to the influence of certain ethnic groups (because Conservatives don't believe in reverse discrimination), those with 'dual-nationalities' are exempt from mandatory registration. So are immigrants on H1B work visas. Just coincidentally, the Trump Campaign yesterday clarified its position on H1B visas.

     Frankly, I'm not certain why any foreign graduate would want to stay here when going back to their home country radically increases their chances of actually finding meaningful work; but we digress. Trump has already made promises to expand the Police State exponentially to round up and deport migrant workers whom the Conservative-Industrial Complex are convinced are 'invading' the country; but foreign lobbyists and workers useful to Wall Street get a free pass. Big Tech is one of the major beneficiaries of the H1B Program, and we're certain that Trump's evolved position on the issue and the fat donation he got from a billionaire bankster who gives loans to Big Tech yesterday was also just coincidental timing. 

    Speaking for myself, my idea of Making America Great Again doesn't see the Bush Years as the benchmark of American greatness. In fact, the Bush Machine/Neocon hijacking of the Conservative Movement after Reagan's reforms reversed all of our positive gains and accelerated our decline. Yet, this is where the Postmodern Right---which is really nowadays nothing more than the reactionary Left---wants to take us. 



  1. Judging from the behavior of some of our churches, we should probably try posting the Ten Commandments there first.

    Looking at some of our some of our college students, we should probably just deport them all. At this point I'm not certain an education is really an asset.

    The inclusion of women in the draft is inevitable since everyone can just self identify as anything they want. People who self identify as furries will be next.

    We used to call this the silly season, aka, an election year. Everything is going to feel very crazy and that's especially true in our new and improved clown world. I'm just hoping someone will offer us something useful like, "a chicken in every pot."

    1. If somebody posted the Ten Commandments in most churches, there would probably be an outcry that some cult was afoot putting up its doctrines on church walls. I remember once a survey team asked college students to read the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence and over half thought it was from a Neo-Nazi manifesto.

      'A chicken in every pot.' Well at least that was something positive.