Wednesday, June 12, 2024


        While the American Political Class is busy trying to pretend that Elections are relevant by putting each other's party operatives on trial, other countries are doing constructive things. This morning, for the Russian congress passed a treaty, which was signed by President Putin, establishing a joint project with China to build a research station on the moon. The move follows China's successful Chang'e-6 Lunar Probe Mission which returned to earth with lunar geological samples last week

       "The Moon station meets Russia’s interests because it will contribute to strengthening Russia’s strategic partnership with China and will provide for the consolidation of Russia’s leading role in the exploration of outer space, including in the exploration and use of the Moon,” Putin said. Russia produces some of the world's best scientists and engineers, mostly because their educational system actually is focused on leading the young to become productive members of society---unlike our exceptional system where educators seem to have other priorities. In fact---also unlike the US---Russian educators are being recruited globally to help developing countries build better school systems. 

     The proposed lunar station is expected to become operational within the next decade and include manned missions. The American Space Program has been all but dead for decades; most space exploration has been farmed out to Corporate robber barons and there has been little investment in American schools and universities to promote so-called 'hard sciences.' President Trump did try to address the problem, but Orange Man Bad and now other countries are filling the vacuum left by American negligence. 

      As China began announcing its lunar project, NASA and the Corporate gangsters who actually run our space program have been trying desperately to launch a moon probe, too, but the results have been less than spectacular. Boeing, which has had issues with aircraft safety including allegations of silencing whistleblowers and shady defense contract dealings, was put in charge of the latest US attempt at putting a manned mission into space despite some serious questions about the craft's viability. In 2022, Russian Space Agency Director Dmitri Rogozin ruled out the possibility of sending Russian cosmonauts on board. 
“It flew for the first time with trouble. The second time it couldn’t fly at all. The delay of the launch has been going on for over two years now. Now, they will try to launch it. But we will definitely not put any of our cosmonauts [on board], we cannot risk their lives,” Rogozin said.

    Frustrated beyond measure at these developments, the Biden/Harris Junta flew into a rage and began slapping further sanctions on Chinese firms. Their cover-story was that these sanctions were aimed at military technology, but the timing between the sanctions and Russia's space treaty is probably the more likely reason. At any rate, Deep State foaming will have little effect on the joint space program.

  "The achievements of China's ongoing Chang'e-6 moon probe mission thus far have evidently become a source of anxiety for the US amid the Western media's fabricated hot saga of the US-China space race. The anxiety and sour grapes mentality are quite evident on the US side," Li Haidong, a professor at the China Foreign Affairs University, told the Global Times. "The US wants to create a scenario of mutual confrontation rather than cooperation, which has led to the so-called space race the US desires. However, at present, the conditions for such a race do not exist because China and other countries are not willing to participate. If only the US is invested in it, it can't be called a race. In the end, it becomes a one-sided effort by the US."

   Li is correct. The US' loss of leadership in Space Technology is entirely of our own making; and, no, our decline in this sector didn't just start under Biden. In 2017, Trump had to re-open the National Space Council which had been abolished by the Clinton Co-Presidency in 1993. From 1993 onward, the US Space Program was wholly neglected with Neocons joining in the chorus that space exploration wasn't cost-effective and funding plowed into projects like domestic espionage and global military adventurism. Sadly, other than some tough-guy bleating and posturing from both wings of the Uniparty, there's no real motivation for the US stay relevant in the New Frontiers of Space. 


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