Sunday, June 23, 2024


       This weekend, the Punditocracy representing the Controlled Opposition wing of the Uniparty (a.k.a. Republicans) were aghast that Fox News Channel released a poll showing that "for the first time" the current Head-of-State was leading the President-in-Exile in the Electoral Popularity Contest. The reason for this alleged shift couldn't, of course, be because the Neocon narrative of "hold your nose and vote Republican or Biden will destroy the country" isn't working; or that the Republicans' selling out on nearly every issue or pandering to Deep State billionaires and the Israel-First Lobby is turning away support. It couldn't possibly be because they've endorsed and promoted self-described Alpha Republicans who advocate things like imposing Martial Law to go after political opponents. No: obviously the Fox Poll is faked.

      I suspect that it's actually just the opposite: Fox was simply the first media outlet to stop publishing fake polls. I've believed from Day One that the polls showing a 'Trump Surge' were phony and that the Republicans have (at best) 35-40% of the support of the American people and the actual number is probably closer to 25-30%. 

     US Elections are about money and about creating a media circus. There had to be an artificial Trump Surge before the Summer Campaign Season really started for two reasons: to generate donations for Party Machines, and to sell advertising for Election-related news stories. We've said all along here that about mid-Summer, Trump's poll numbers would start to recede and the (carefully-choreographed) 'pushback' toward Biden would start in the Fall. Even the MSM let the cat out of the bag on that one just recently

   To draw a comparison: polls before the recent Russian election showed President Putin and his Party winning between 77-85% of the vote (he ended up with 88%). If this were happening in America, how much media hype and clickbait would be generated over the upcoming election? How many billionaire fat-cats would be pumping millions into campaigns when their financial influence obviously wouldn't make any difference? We're not suggesting that Biden will win by anything close to Putin's numbers, but they're going to be higher than many think and it's been planned this way since the primaries started. 

    The United States' political system is one of Managed Democracy, where, as one author noted: "By using managerial methods and developing management of elections, the democracy of the United States has become sanitized of political participation, therefore managed democracy is a political form in which governments are legitimated by elections that they have learned to control." The situation has actually gone beyond that: they've turned the whole process into a commercial production. like the Super Bowl. The only thing Elections so far are lacking are multi-million dollar 30-second ad slots during Election Coverage Night and a Halftime Show. The way our culture is trending though, I wouldn't rule out seeing those things during our lifetime. 



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