Tuesday, May 31, 2016


    One of the benefits of a monopoly is that a monopolistic organization can sell its inferior products simply by generating discussion and controversy about them. This especially easy for the US Media Cartels. They can generate ratings for both their news and entertainment venues by fomenting as much social dissention as possible.

    ABC launched a such a controversial program in March called The Real O'Neals. This show is allegedly a comedy about homosexuality in a traditionally Catholic family; but of course, its real purpose is to ridicule Catholics and promote the Gay Mafia. Now, The Real O'Neals is floundering badly in the ratings in spite of being propped up by interest-group dollars and media sympathy. Such a narrowly-focused theme is bound to run out of plots soon.

    The show was predictably doomed to failure when Dan Savage got involved. For those not living on the West Coast: Savage is an anti-Catholic bigot, Code Pink activist, and tabloid writer from the gutters of Seattle. In a city where Communists are elected to the City Council and which boasts of being both the most gay-friendly and marijuana-tolerant  major city in the US, Savage is considered a great cultural icon. In a venue like Seattle, Savage is considered above criticism; in America at large, not so much.

     Now, before the show aired in March there was some public outcry from Catholic quarters about it, which naturally only inflated the egos of the Hollywood Cross-burners.

     It's entirely predictable that the American media-- heavily funded by Wahhabi Moslems and the Gay Mafia, with a good percentage of Scientologists, Moonies, and New-Agers thrown into the mix, would enjoy insulting Christians publically. But what is genuinely annoying about these kinds of media ventures is this: every time some self-styled artiste decides to cash in on Christian-bashing, his effete comrades in the media fall all over themselves praising his great courage.

     How much courage does this kind of production actually take? What generally happens whenever the media offends American Christians? Well, there are some blog posts, some petitions get circulated; maybe a boycott or two get organized; some Cardinals will shake their heads and issue statements of regret---but that's about it. Overall, anti-Christian media productions really don't require much courage. And that's the whole point of them.

     So, we would like to offer a challenge to the Media Elites.

      In January, economic sanctions were lifted from Iran. Americans are now free to travel to and do business with that country. So the challenge is: why don't you media elites go to Iran and demonstrate your courage by publically blaspheming Shia Islam? Here are some suggestions:

      1. Mr. Savage and friends can run a theater in downtown Tehran and produce a comedy about a traditional Shiite family whose kids 'come out as gay'. That would certainly cause some social controversy.

      2. Authors and illustrators can buy bookstores and sell material lampooning Islam. Chester Brown, author of Mary Wept could sell underground comics depicting Mohammed's mother as a prostitute and argue that the Koran is all about goddess-worship and ritual sex.  Since Brown, by his own admission, doesn't worry about offending Christians, he shouldn't have an issue with offending Moslems.

       3. You could open comedy clubs in Iranian cities and send stand-up comedians from the US to do skits ridiculing the Ayatollahs and laughing at Shia as a Bronze-Age superstition. We're certain that the Iranian public would be buzzing about irreverent humor like that.

       Meanwhile, we here will be placing wagers how many minutes would elapse between the Grand Opening of these venues and the arrival of the Iranian National Guard. But then the Hollywood Elites would have genuine satisfaction in courageously standing up for their beliefs for a change.   

Hollywood Laughs all the Way to the Bank

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