Wednesday, May 18, 2016


      Every so often, the US Government-Media Complex needs to distract Americans from reality---especially when problems get too big to be ignored. So, their usual course of action is to choose some eccentric leader of some obscure country and run a series of hit-pieces about them. The American cultural elites can always count on Ameroboob illiteracy and complete ignorance of geopolitics to channel their outrage away from those to whom it should be properly directed.

       North Korea and its leader Kim Jong Un have been the target of American Outrage for the last several months. Most Ameroboobs, though they can't find North Korea on a map, are convinced that the world is in imminent peril through the machinations of its brutal dictator. Of course, we've been told the same thing about other countries and their leaders for the last 3 decades. The average American, while smoking marijuana and watching The Kardashians, needs these occasional reminders of American Exceptionalism  and that jealous foreigners are ever plotting to steal our way of life.

        We're told that Kim Jong Un is an unstable character: a Communist (unlike Bernie Sanders); a product of corruption and nepotism (unlike Hilary Clinton); and a ruthless, self-aggrandizing egomaniac (unlike Donald Trump).  The Media Cartels have also been laughing themselves into a stupor over the PRNK Congress and its superficial showmanship because, as we all know, American political campaigns and conventions are solemn and deeply edifying affairs whose leaders would never stoop to that kind of pandering.

       And there's the imminent threat North Korea poses to world peace. Over the last decade, we see that North Korea attacked or destabilized---how many countries? Well, none. Contrast that record to the US: Iraq, Georgia, Egypt, Libya, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Brazil... and a few others like Ireland and Italy where US provocateurs introduced social change like homosexual 'marriage.'

         The American public, too, has to be properly outraged at North Korea's levels of poverty and ignorance. Now, if this same outrage were directed at America's failing public schools, inner-city ghettos, and collapsing infrastructure we might have some justification here. But it's easier to laugh at North Korea instead.

          Where does the Government-Media Complex get all the material to bash North Korea? Mostly from sources in North Korea's neighbors: South Korea and the Japanese Empire. Now, both of the latter two invest heavily in the United States, and invest in the American media in particular, whereas North Korea does not.

            Hence we have South Korea---a country where the Moonies boast about the numbers of its converts among the ruling elites; and the Japanese Empire---a country who worships its emperor as an incarnation of the sun-god, telling us that North Korea is run by a fanatical personality cult. The fact that both the Moonies and Japan, Incorporated own huge swaths of the US economy and maintain large political lobbies here is presumed not to reflect on their credibility.

           "But---" some will exclaim "What if North Korea gets an atomic bomb!" Think about it for a moment. Just a few months ago, Kim Jong Un announced with great fanfare that North Korea had successfully launched its first weather satellite. And we seriously believe they have ICBMs?

             Yes, North Korea has a nuclear program. They are about as advanced as the US was in 1943. Pakistan has a larger nuclear arsenal than North Korea. And which country is more likely to let its arsenal fall into the hands of anti-American terrorists? The are no Wahhabi, Taliban, or Al-Qaeda in North Korea, but plenty of them in Pakistan.

            But these facts will likely be lost on the somnambulant American public. We're a culture that no longer produces heroes; hence we need scapegoats.


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