Wednesday, May 25, 2016


     We hadn't intended to write a sequel to the controversial Prager University video Be A Man, Get Married, but the Game Cult won't let the subject rest. Blogger Insanity Bytes brings their hypocrisy to our attention.

      The Gamer she critiques praises a 'response' to Prager and Wilcox, given in an abominable video by someone calling himself T**d Flinging Monkey. That alone should drive our readers to ask why we even need to discuss this, but such is the culture we live in, where monkeys are presumed to be more intelligent than humans.

       As a public service, we have sat through the agonizing 15 minutes of Mr. Monkey's farrago, to spare our loyal readers unnecessary torment.

        The thing that is striking about Mr. Monkey's 'argument'---aside from the expletives he employs in nearly every sentence---is its unabashed narcissism and egomania. His whole argument seems to revolve around the idea that somehow marriage is a form of slavery and imposition on his freedom. Mr. Monkey, where have we heard that before?

        Oh, yes. From the Feminists. It's the Feminists who argue that marriage is oppression and motherhood is slavery. Mr. Monkey and his admirers in the Game Cult simply reverse the genders (as they usually do). Game is really nothing more, and never has been more, than Male Feminism.

        "Under what circumstances does sacrificing yourself for another person benefit you?" Mr. Monkey protests"If you can live the lifestyle you want then you're rich...but if you earn more money in a year just so that you can take care of other people doesn't even make any sense."

         Isn't this exactly the sentiment expressed by most Feminists? All that Mr. Monkey needs to add is that 'a man needs a woman like a fish needs a bicycle' and the parallel would be complete. The bulk of his entire 'response' revolves around economics; it seems, in his mind that it is grossly unfair that men should sacrifice to provide for and protect a wife and children. In fact, he compares this to chattel slavery on several occasions.

         Recall that this profanity-laden diatribe is held up by a professed Christian leader as a rational response to the Prager University video. Now, in our previous article on The Marriage Strike we addressed some of the flaws in Prager and Wilcox' arguments. But to condemn their approach as somehow heretical while praising Mr. Monkey's as the more holy one illustrates the mindset of the Game Cult perfectly.

          Mr. Monkey leads off by claiming that men are avoiding marriage and that women are desperately trying to marry. In our earlier article, we exposed that myth but it is worth repeating here. The only US marriage demographic that has increased steadily for the past 30 years are marriages between American nationals and foreign women. Additionally---though never admitted---most American dating sites are overwhelmingly populated by men.
So how can it be argued that men are avoiding marriage?

         The writer whom Insanity Bytes criticizes makes this crafty statement: "They are selling marriage and fatherhood as a rite of passage into manhood...less obvious at first glance is what they are not selling. They are not encouraging marriage to promote sexual morality."

        Note again the economic references here. But that aside, marriage is not about promoting sexual morality. Which is why Wilcox and Prager don't mention it.

         Marriage is about spiritual bonding. The Game Cultists, as gender supremacists, only see marriage (as the Feminists also do) as a vehicle for regulating sexuality. They believe, as part of their creed, in an absurdist doctrine called Hypergamy. This is a belief that women have a biological instinct to engage sexually with high-status males and have no capacity for fidelity. According to this doctrine, they always crave a better man than they have. So naturally, marriage to the Gamers is simply a matter of controlling female sexuality.

         Spiritual bonding implies a complementary relationship, which Game denies on the basis of Alpha Male superiority. They also deny feminine capacity for love and fidelity, hence a marriage, by their definition, can only exist for the sake of (their interpretation of) promoting sexual morality.

          However, Love and Faithfulness are spoken of in different terms in the New Testament. They are reflections of a relationship between Man and God; which a marriage is also supposed to reflect. What does it say about a sect that denies love and fidelity? The answer should be obvious.


  1. Marriage is spiritual bonding, but also "a remedy of sin". We have it from Apostle Paul himself in 1Cor.7 (to avoid fornication...)The whole problematic thing about Game theorists, imo, is that they mix truth with some weird ideas. Take hypergamy, it's true that a normal woman wants to look up to her husband and that men of high status are attractive to women, but then this simple truth gets twisted into the statement that all women want to trade up, that they can't stay faithful etc. I also don't believe that marriage is what makes a man a man. However, for anyone who claims to believe in traditional marriage to support MGTOW ideas is rather rich:) But then, I always suspected that for some men in that club it's more about women bashing than restoring traditional family.

  2. St. Paul did offer avoidance of sin as a valid reason for marriage, but not the primary one. The general sense I get from St. Paul is that sexual desire itself is not sinful, but marriage must sanctify it. The Gamers want to reduce marriage to a merely legalistic function because their objective in marriage is to control a wife, not to bond with her as an equal in Christ.

    I agree that normal women are attracted to high-status men, but their tendency is not to 'trade-up' but just the opposite: once they have a high-status man, they guard him from other women and become very possessive.