Friday, May 13, 2016


     Allied news services reported today yet another horrific crime perpetrated by the Religion of Peace. The Syrian Intifada, instigated by the Obama Administration and its NATO confederates, launched a surprise attack on the village of Zara in Hama Province Thursday night. The Syrian garrison, heavily outnumbered, was forced to withdraw and fall back to Hor Benafseh.

       As the Allied forces regrouped, civilian refugees from Zara began entering Hor Benafseh. The story they all told shocked even the battle-hardened Syrian soldiers. The Jihadist demons had no sooner seized Zara than they rounded up the residents and massacred the adult population in cold blood; abducted the young women and children and sent them from the village.

       This act was not committed by ISIS, but by the Al-Nusra Front; a gang of moderate rebels armed, trained, and equipped by Western democracies.

        Syrian Prime Minister Halaqi issued a press release this morning extending national condolences to the people of Zara and condemning "a heinous crime against the whole world." Halaqi ordered medical teams from Damascus to set up emergency hospitals in the area.

        The Western Media likely will not report this story today. The Western media has been utterly complicit in encouraging Al-Nusra and spreading propaganda on their behalf. The American and British media have been the worst offenders of all. They repeatedly quote as a source on Syrian affairs a London-based cutout called the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the head of which is an escaped felon from a Syrian prison and member of Al-Nusra.
Al-Nusra was originally known as Al-Qaeda Syria, but changed its name on the advice of Western PR agents.

         The Syrian Intifada began in April in violation of a ceasefire negotiated between the Allies and NATO. Subsequent events have proven that this ceasefire was simply another act of the duplicity which has come to define Obama's foreign policy. Some 20,000 Al-Nusra soldiers escaped into Turkey as refugees where they reorganized, were re-armed by NATO and joined by troops posing as rebels from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Dubai. On a given signal, this force swept back into Western Syria and their cells and sympathizers rose up.

        Fortunately, the Syrian Army and the Hezbollah Militia rose to the challenge and the Syrian Intifada has very nearly collapsed, much to the mortification of NATO leaders and their satraps. But Zara is a reminder that the job is far from over; and should, but probably won't, give pause to the people of the West and cause them to consider what their own leaders are guilty of doing.

Obama's Moderate Rebels in Action
Survivors of Zara

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