Tuesday, May 24, 2016


      The Russian Ministry of Defense announced today that their Expeditionary Force has bagged an estimated 28,000 Jihadists, about 1/3 of ISIS' total force, since landing in Syria last fall. Aleppo is almost liberated and Allied forces are now converging on the ISIS capital. On the Eastern Front, Iraqi forces---who've replaced the incompetent Pentagon with Chinese military advisors---have retaken all of Western Iraq, and are storming the last Iraqi ISIS stronghold in Fallujah. Caliph Baghdadi, ISIS' Supreme Commander, has fled to whereabouts unknown. 

      Meanwhile, the LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon and their NATO toadies have been more or less relegated to the sidelines. Ejected from Iraq, the Pentagon's 'Central Command' is now headquartered on an insignificant base in Amman, Jordan.

       Realizing that ISIS is doomed and the Allies have shown them up, the Obama Administration is desperately trying to save face and salvage some dignity from their humiliating performance. So, over they weekend they dispatched one of their operatives, a bespectacled social worker in a General Grant costume named Stanley Vogel, to the outskirts of Raqqa to meet with Kurdish Militia commanders. The ostensible purpose of this visit was to get permission from the last Allied force with which the Pentagon has a presence to allow the USAF to participate in the assault on Raqqa. In other words, 'General' Vogel was negotiating for a photo-op.

       The Kurdish leaders deferred the decision to Allied High Command, who haven't yet given a response. Some Syrian congressmen have suggested issuing an arrest warrant for Vogel since he entered the country illegally and violated international military protocols. President Assad has yet to comment.

         Col. Elias Ebrahim, a Syrian military analyst spoke with Allied news agencies. "The US has repeatedly deceived Kurdish fighters in Syria by offering inadequate assistance to them." Col. Ebrahim said, "This has taken place with the intent of delaying the Kurdish forces' attacks on Raqqa while the Kurds are outside the Gates of Raqqa."

          Ebrahim noted that ISIS is heavily-armed with American-made weapons including Humvees, TOW missiles, and small arms. He suggested that the real purpose of Vogel's visit was to negotiate the surrender and withdrawal of ISIS fighters from Raqqa to save them for a future offensive against Assad's government, as the US recently did with the Aleppo ceasefire.

           "In the meantime, US warplanes dropped leaflets over Raqqa on Thursday, warning 'civilians' to leave the city as soon as possible." he noted.

            This is how pathetic the Pentagon has really become. A year ago, Obama was demanding so-called 'Regime Change' in Syria and presuming the right to violate a sovereign nation's borders militarily at will. Now they are reduced to begging militias for cheap political theatrics while the real defenders of freedom move on towards victory.


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