Monday, May 16, 2016


    This weekend, dissident EU politicians assembled in Yalta, Crimea to attend the International Economic Forum. Their purpose was to show solidarity against the anti-Russia Sanctions, which, though they have enriched Wall Street and empowered the German Government, have devastated EU economies.

    A positive development emerged from Yalta, when Italian representative Stefano Valdegamberi announced that he planned formal submission of a bill in the Venetian Legislature recognizing Crimea as a Russian State and renouncing the EU Sanctions. Valdegamberi explained that he had enough co-signers on the bill to ensure its passage.

     The sanctions have hit Italy especially hard, costing Venice alone over 1 billion Euros. The Italian economy and culture are also strained by waves of immigrants forced on them by US/EU policies. Reaction has reached such a point in Italy, that Italian Prime Minister Mateo Renzi snubbed Obama at last year's G-7 meeting to meet with President Putin.

     Italy was already suffering a refugee crisis before Obama and Merkel began flooding Europe with ISIS/FSA refugees. US military adventurism in Somalia and Libya (both former Italian colonies) and in Italy's neighbor, the former Yugoslavia put an enormous strain on the Italian economy. This situation worsened with the Sanctions. Like other EU countries, Italy had a beneficial trade agreement with Russia; but is now compelled to buy essentials from American corporations at highly inflated prices.

     Edward Snowden's revelations about US skullduggery in Italy and the TTIP scandal have also soured US-Italian relations.

      The Cultural Marxists have an especial hatred for Italy. Italy is not only the epicenter of Roman Catholicism, but one of the leading contributors to traditional Western Culture, which the Left also hates. Western Civilization owes much to the Roman Empire, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Italian Renaissance.

     Not only have US/EU Leftist interests intentionally pushed for Islamicization of Italy; they have forced on the Italian populace repugnant social norms. Last year, foreign provocateurs and US dollars flowed into the country to impose homosexual so-called 'marriage'---identical to the tactics the Gay Mafia successfully employed in Ireland. The Left met with some initial success; though there is pending legislation in the Italian Parliament to restore traditional marriage.

     Hopefully, they will meet with success; and hopefully Venice will lead Italy out of both the EU and NATO. The Italians have historically led Western Civilization during its darkest hours---maybe they will again.

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