Tuesday, May 10, 2016


  With the American public agonizing for the third-or-so week over the death of 1980s pop-star Prince, it's largely escaped their notice that an entire US warship and its crew yesterday nearly became a casualty of Obama's stupidity in the South China Sea.

   In one of his ongoing passive-aggressive affronts to Chinese national sovereignty, Obama ordered the guided-missile cruiser, USS William P Lawrence to sail into Chinese territorial waters around the Nansha Islands. China immediately put its military on high alert;  dispatching a naval force and a fighter squadron to the scene. The Americans fled in the face of a determined Chinese response, as the USS Stennis did last week when chased from Hong Kong.

   This didn't stop Obama's henchmen in the Pentagon from peacocking and crowing as though they had just won an Iwo Jima-like military victory. But China had a slightly different view. A press release from the Chinese Ministry of Defense stated: "We can't help but wonder how far the US will go in their militarization of the South China Sea and to sabotage regional peace and stability. The incident exposes the true intent of the US to agitate the regional situation and to profit by it. It underscores the fact that it is both reasonable and necessary for China to deploy defensive facilities on the Island. China will strengthen naval and air force patrols and reinforce defense capabilities to protect national sovereignty, security, and the peace and stability of the South China Sea."

    In other words, China is going to defend itself; and has proven on many occasions that it can. Obama's posturing---which seems to be a psychological obsession with him--- is going to escalate into a serious situation at some point. Obama is essentially using US military personnel as clay pigeons: putting targets on them and daring China to shoot. Someday, China's going to do exactly that.

     Now, Ameroboobs are outraged at China because the Media Cartels tell them they are supposed to be outraged. American media, which is heavily funded by Middle Eastern kingdoms profiting off narcotics and weapons smuggling through the South China Sea. And funded by the Japanese Empire which has territorial claims against China.

      What this dispute, in reality, centers upon is Chinese occupation of a previously uninhabited atoll in the South China Sea. The Chinese constructed an artificial island there---a prodigious engineering feat in its own right---for two purposes:

      1. China is developing advanced technologies in terraforming and Nansha is the first such successful experiment;

       2. Nansha's purpose is to serve as a patrol outpost to combat the piracy and smuggling rife in the South China Sea; as well as a base for a rapid-response air-sea rescue and medical facility.

        It's believed also that there are possible undeveloped oil reserves in the area, which Wall Street and Tokyo covet. But the fact is that a huge percentage of narcotics, white slavery, and illegal weapons pass through the South China Sea between the US and Asia. Certain vested interests don't want the Chinese Navy interfering with such enterprises. And for this, the Ameroboob is willing to start WW3.

        But it won't be a war that America will win: China is in Nansha to stay. Maybe instead of fighting them we should follow their example; by fighting organized crime here and investing in our own infrastructure? No one will hold their breath waiting for that to happen.

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