Tuesday, May 31, 2016


      Five days after the European Union implemented further economic sanctions against Syria, Russian relief agencies delivered 16 tons of humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees on Monday. The aid was distributed to a Displaced Persons Camp outside Alamen, Syria which houses survivors of the bloody massacre committed in Zara on May 12th.

      Russian Colonel Sergei Ivanov, who co-ordinates humanitarian aid shipments from Hmeimem Air Base stated that besides foodstuffs and other necessities, Russia has deployed a field medical unit to the area.

     Allied forces retook Zara early last week and liberated some of the hostages kidnapped by the moderate rebels. On May 12th, terrorist forces affiliated with Al-Qaeda entered Zara and committed a house-to-house, street-by-street slaughter of the inhabitants. The US media has ignored the story, and Western powers have blocked UN condemnation of the massacre.

     Which brings up the interesting question of EU sanctions. With nearly every Syrian household decimated by Jihadist barbarians and mass-graves being discovered all over the countryside, the reason the EU adduces for blocking economic aid to Syria is truly paradoxical:

        "The EU will continue targeting the regime and its supporters as long as repression continues...The EU will step up its political role...aimed at reaching an agreement on a genuine political transition in Syria."

       The only conclusion one can draw from this is that the EU insists on maintaining sanctions until Assad---who is fighting and defeating the Jihadists---surrenders to the Jihad. Who else is Syrian government repressing and to whom could it transition power unless it be the Jihadists? The same EU---which refuses even to acknowledge the Zara Massacre occurred---is evidently so subordinate to US/Wall Street interests that it turns a blind eye to ethnic cleansing and outright war crimes simply to satisfy Washington's fanatical scheme to spread Cultural Marxism to the Middle East. 

        These European leaders should give some serious thought as to whom they follow. The US Media today had nothing to say about the sufferings of the Syrian people, but was flooded with outrage over a gorilla shot in the Cincinnati Zoo---shot to protect a little boy, incidentally. A culture which considers apes more valuable than human beings is not liable to stand by Europe in a time of crisis. Europe needs to understand that Syria's present could easily become their future. And in such a crisis, will the US treat Europe the same way? Or should they look to Russia---a culture which comes to the aid of their fellow-man?


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