Thursday, May 12, 2016


    Brad Wilcox, an operative at an American think-tank called Prager University, released a video recently titled Be A Man. Get Married. This video has caused a lot of controversy in certain segments of the Manosphere, and a good critique of it was published by blogger Wintery Knight. The link to the whole article is here

    The author correctly points out that Wilcox glaringly omits any allusion to Feminist culpability in crippling American women's education for marriage. But, as destructive as Feminism has been, Wilcox misses the bigger picture completely.

    The only marriage demographic that has been increasing in the US is between American-born men and foreign-born women. Such marriages end in divorce at nearly 1/4 the rate of indigenous unions. This fact alone shows that men are indeed willing to 'man up and marry'. When one considers the social and economic barriers to marrying a foreign girl, the numbers would no doubt be higher if we had more marriage-friendly laws.

     And that is where Wilcox and Prager---along with Dr. Helen Smith, whom the blog author quotes---go wrong. Our culture is not inherently misogynist as Feminists claim, nor inherently misandrist as certain segments of the Manosphere claim. Gender Polarity is inherent in human nature; for a culture to be inherently anti-male, anti-female, or anti-marriage is a metaphysical impossibility. The issue in our culture today is that it is fundamentally anti-heterosexual and anti-family. There is a huge difference, as we shall see.

      What the Feminists, the Gay Mafia, and the Game/PUA crowd really want to avoid are healthy relationships with, and commitment to, the opposite sex; and that includes the responsibility of raising children. These interests---which only appear to be competing on the surface---play into the Cultural Marxist paradigm wherein the State assumes the responsibilities belonging rightfully to the family. The family is the basic social unit of a civilization; hence overthrowing the family is the way to overthrow a civilization.

        To these ends, various laws and social policies have been enacted and enforced: anti-heterosexual policies on speech, and so-called 'harassment'. No-fault divorce; legal abortion; absurd Age of Consent laws; broadening definitions of rape; re-defining marriage, and other policies exist; damaging to men and women alike.  Women use these policies as a shield against committing to men; the Male Feminists and their Game/PUA parrots use them as an excuse for not committing to women. And into the void steps the Gay Mafia, offering its so-called alternative lifestyle as an escape from commitment altogether.

        These things are not liable to correct themselves in the West until the populace faces reality squarely and realizes that all these 'Gender Wars' are nothing but an illusion and that they are being played for dupes by interested parties. As proof of this, we need only to look at Russia. When the USSR collapsed in 1991, Soviet divorce, abortion, and declining birth rates were worse than the US. Soviet women were seeking husbands abroad; the Gay Mafia began spreading its poison through society and Russia's future looked very grim. But today all of these disasters have turned around.

       How? Because Russia faced the problem realistically. They didn't work against human nature, but with it. Yeltsin introduced an aggressive pro-family policy that rewarded stay-at-home mothers and opened the workforce again for men. Medvedev and Putin have expanded the program by suppressing homosexual activism and shutting down organized crime syndicates like Planned Parenthood. President Putin recently said that the Russian ideal was a two-parent family with three children. That ideal is close to realization in Russia.

       That can happen here too, but only if we want it to. But as long there is power and profit in the Gender Wars, and the populace is content with cheap and easy sex, the chances are that it will not.  

       Contrary then to Wilcox and Prager, there is no Magic Solution here. The solution is that people have to see value in the opposite sex again and start to understand that choices have consequences.


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