Wednesday, May 11, 2016


   It's always interesting observing the American news media. One sees many things, but rarely the truth...

   What is wrong with this picture? Why; it looks like a picture of any other North Korean general present during the PRNK's Party Congress. In fact, he's General Ri Yong Gil and was given a promotion at the Congress.

    What's wrong with the picture is that, last February, Western media sources reported on reliable sources that General Ri had been purged. There were the usual denunciations of Kim Jong Un as a brutal dictator and demands for sanctions, etc.

      Remember that this is the same Media Cartel who told us that ISIS was a superpower; that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on civilians; that Baathist Iraq had atomic weapons; and that there were mass-graves in Kosovo.

       So, the next time that we hear somebody from the Pentagon howling to the press about supposed North Korean acts of aggression just remember that the Pentagon doesn't even know who North Korea's generals are, let alone what they're doing.

        What North Korea's officers are probably not doing is going to Feminist rallies in high heels or making videos giving the Black Panther Salute. Which is probably why our Government-Media Complex considers North Korea a threat to world stability.

         (Hat Tip to RT News for exposing this story)


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