Tuesday, May 10, 2016


     Allied forces reported this morning that their counterattack against Jihadist forces in Aleppo advanced successfully into the strategic town of Kahn Touman. The so-called Al-Nusra Front treacherously seized Kahn Touman, in violation of the ceasefire,  along with three other key control-points on the Damascus-Aleppo highway.

      Some 400 terrorists are believed to have been killed in three days of heavy fighting.  Russian air support opened the way into Kahn Touman where Syrian forces and Hezbollah auxiliaries cut off the Jihadist supply lines. The Allies are demanding unconditional surrender; but the fanatics have so far refused.

      The Al-Nusra Front is one of the so-called moderate rebel factions supported by Obama and the thuggish Erdogan Regime in Turkey. The phony 'source' quoted unquestioningly by the Western media---The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights---is also a shill for Al-Nusra. Now, no one in the Western media ever mentions that Al-Nusra was formerly called The Al-Qaeda Syrian Front and has a large contingent former Taliban in its ranks. Among some of the positions destroyed by the Allies today was a US-made TOW missile battery sent to these moderates late in 2015.

         Obama immediately rushed in John Kerry to try and negotiate another ceasefire. Hopefully the Allies will ignore him this time. Obama seems to have a near pathological impulse to break any agreement he makes; and the first ceasefire was no different. The first ceasefire allowed Al-Nusra to regroup inside Turkey for a second offensive in Aleppo. Following a deployment of chemical weapons on civilians---chemicals likely (as before) manufactured in Germany and supplied by Turkey---20,000 Al-Qaeda and Taliban thugs swept back into Aleppo in a sneak attack. Kahn Touman was one of the villages retaken by the Jihadists. Simultaneously with the Al-Nusra incursion, terrorist cells instigated attacks on civilians in Aleppo, Homs, and Damascus.

          What Kerry actually fears the most is that, once the inevitable Allied victory occurs, investigations will commence. Kerry may well find himself an indicted war criminal; along with Obama, Cameron, Clinton, Merkel, Stoltenberg, Erdogan and various other parties whose attempt at another hostile takeover of a sovereign state was foiled.

        In other stories from the front, the Syrian Air Force launched a daring raid on a top-level ISIS headquarters on the Syria-Iraq border. 17 high-ranking ISIS leaders were believed to have been killed. The raid also destroyed a convoy of Japanese-supplied military trucks coming in from Iraq.

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