Wednesday, May 18, 2016


     Blogger Insanity Bytes published a short, but pointed, critique today defending Christian author Robert Murphy against some canards thrown against him by the Game Cult. The full text of her article is here.

      What the Game Cult fundamentally is; is a masculinized version of Radical Feminism. Now, certain elements within the Game movement have conjoined to it a few Christian aspects--- based on exclusively on their own interpretations of the Bible, which never contradict Game. Gamers who are professed Atheists are welcome in their ranks as well. The reason for this is simply because Game, not Christianity, is the basis of their mutual beliefs. 

       It is characteristic of cults to ostracize and excommunicate traditional religions as corrupt; which explains perfectly how nominal Christians and philosophic Atheists can work together within the same framework. According to Gamers, regardless of their theism or lack of it, traditional Christianity has become corrupted by Feminism. Hence, they freely can attack Christian beliefs while pretending to uphold them.

      The attack on Murphy is a fairly common specimen of what the Game Cult routinely does. The Game author, purportedly a happily married father in a post-feminist world, takes issue with this passage from Murphy:

      "But since I'm directing this essay at you, a Christian, I can tell you frankly that these {i.e., Game/PUA} techniques are FROM THE DEVIL. Yes, you can actually train yourself to look at women... as less than human, so that you are no longer afraid of their opinion of you, then your long career of striking out will be over. You will go from being terrified of beautiful women to knowing how to spot the incredibly insecure ones, who spend hours getting ready because they think they need to in order to deserve attention from men. You will laugh at your old self, who was somehow intimidated by a 115-lb. creature in heels. What was your problem?"

      Initially, we would assert that Murphy is, in fact, wrong on a couple of points. First, he assumes that half naked creatures in heels who spend hours getting ready are incredibly insecure. The reality is that women like this are typically very confident; the insecure ones typically pay little attention to their appearance. Witness how it is the Feminists---women not especially renown for their physical beauty---who preach absurdities like Fat Acceptance and label healthy male attraction objectification. His second mistake is thinking that PUA tactics are actually effective; or that PUAs claims of success are even true. The reality is that a woman seeking casual sex knows these PUA tactics by heart; pretends to fall for them; and the PUA who laughs at Beta Chumps ends up being decoyed himself without even realizing it.

       But, of course, the Gamers ignore those flaws and pounce on Murphy for the points wherein he is correct. "It is the Pedestal, not sexual morality, that Murphy fears will be lost if Christian men learn the truth about women's sexual nature!", he thunders. This one sentence provides an outstanding example of the rhetorical sophistry cultists employ. The statement defines as the Gamers as Christian men as opposed to Murphy, who by the implication here supports the Pedestal (one of the imaginary motifs of the Game Cult).

      Then the Gamer extrapolates from this further: "Murphy is not alone in his pronounced reverence for women." he complains, (despite the fact that Jesus' reverence for women was also quite pronounced), "Worshipping women is extremely common in modern Christianity, so much so that it isn't seen as odd or noteworthy." Here he connects reverence for women with Idolatry, and performs the same rhetorical sophistry as before, by juxtaposing his own cult to mainstream Christianity which, incidentally, does not condone the worship of women.

      In the opening paragraph of his article, the Gamer plays another verbal trick by connecting the term fear to the term reverence which, as employed in the King James Version is a correct delineation; but he flips the terms later in his article to equate reverence with the modern definition of fear. "Fearing women is not something that the Bible teaches" he states the obvious, but says: "Christians are to fear God and wives are to fear their husbands." We see why he had no issue with Murphy's complaint that Gamers/PUAs see women as less than human, because it's quite clear that they do: and nowhere in the New Testament is there any support for such an idea. The rhetorical juxtaposition that Christians are to fear God; as opposed to women who are to fear men very clearly illustrates that these cultists consider women to be subhuman.

      He goes on to quote a few Biblical passages out of their context, along with some very unconvincing platitudes about sexual morality and idolatry which seem to have been inserted into his article as an afterthought. None of these deserve any further comment. However it is very clear that the author of the Game blog in question is a skilled propagandist. We here know nothing of his personal background, but the rhetorical techniques he routinely employs display education in their use.

      In conclusion, we will state that neither Game nor Feminism come from any failings of the Christian Church; but come instead from the breakdown of the family. The family is the integral foundation of a society---and the Church is a social institution. Gamers blame the Church; Feminists blame the Government; but no society can be strong unless men and women bond as equals---equals within a polarity of genders---uniting to build families. Neither Game nor Feminism believe in gender polarity; both advocate gender supremacy. Neither believe in the traditional family; both teach that whichever gender they believe superior has no responsibilities or obligations towards the other. Neither attitude is either Christian or civilized.


  1. They like to talk about marital submission but have no problem with wifey bringing home a paycheck. The woman who has her own income and works full time or close has very little interest to come home after a long working day and play little submissive Suzy Homemaker. They also think that the wife must submit even to sinful commands, which is not a traditional understanding of Scriptures at all. They also routinely misrepresent what various Christian leaders say and ignore the correction. The whole idea that women marry only to get a divorce + "cash and prizes" is obscene. As a woman, you only get "cash and prizes" if you have been married to a millionaire, and he can afford it. They are also obsessed with sex to a point one thinks they are all teenage boys.

  2. Hypocrisy is one of the Gamers' most pronounced qualities. Another is that they continually denounce female sexual promiscuity while advocating that men engage in it. They have a VERY flexible view on monogamy when it comes to themselves, but are quick to denounce these supposed tendencies in women.