Sunday, May 8, 2016


   On the 8th of May, 1945, US President Harry S Truman celebrated his 61st birthday by receiving one of the greatest birthday gifts in history: the unconditional surrender of the Nazi Regime to Allied Forces. Truman proclaimed May 8th as 'V-E Day' (Victory in Europe) which was quickly adopted by other grateful nations.

    Today's Ameroboob though has forgotten V-E Day just like he's forgotten every other positive thing the United States has ever done. When WW2 is taught at all by the Academic Mafia, it's to tell us that the war was won by homosexuals in the military and women in the workforce---while the Evil White Patriarchy was busy ethnically cleansing the harmless Japanese by interring them and dropping atomic bombs on them.

    Today the Japanese Empire is on the move again, and so is the German Reich. With weak and degenerate Western countries unable and unwilling to stand for Civilization, the forces of barbarism are breaking out worldwide. Germany is moving in a decidedly unhealthy direction. The German government is not only remilitarizing; it's spreading economic control over all of Europe through the European Union---which it practically controls. Aided by the gangsters on Wall Street; Germany crippled EU economies by instigating embargoes on Russia and has lobbied for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

     As recent leaks in the European media have shown, TTIP was essentially a bargain between Obama and Merkel to monopolize European markets by eliminating Russian goods and flooding Europe with overpriced and low-quality produce peddled by Wall Street. German interests have been pushing for a provision in TTIP, which would bind American communities to accept EU contractors for federally-funded public works' projects. This is very same type of German economic policy pursued by Bismarck, the Kaiser, and Hitler: infiltrating foreign countries by using economic investment as the spearhead. These corporations are tied to the German government and pave the way for Imperialist political policies.

      This isn't the first time in recent history that Berlin and Washington have engaged in these kinds of silent partnerships. The Merkel Government was caught red-handed on multiple occasions working with the American NSA to engage in Gestapo-like domestic espionage; as well as with the CIA abroad. Germany has likewise been implicated in numerous Black Market activities in the Middle East and Russia.

     To their credit, the German people have been staunchly resisting and protesting their government's blatant attempts to resurrect the worst elements of their history and project them onto the world stage again. To counter pacifist and liberty-loving German nationals, Merkel has taken the unprecedented step of flooding Germany with Islamic 'refugees'---most of whom are battle-ready veterans and sympathizers of ISIS and the Taliban. Merkel has imported nearly one million of these Jihadist thugs---about the same number of men who served in the Waffen-SS at its peak---and is importing many more despite polls showing that 2/3 of Germans want the Moslems out. Merkel, of course, is ignoring the will of the German people---just as she ignored the NSA Scandal.

     In fact, the Merkel Government has been forcing Germans to conform to the demands of the Janizaries she's importing; even to pushing for inclusive dress and dietary policies.

     This should be an alarming development for all freedom-loving peoples everywhere. There should be absolutely no doubt in anybody's mind that any nation importing foreign fighting-men by the millions is a positive threat to world peace. Especially when they pressure their neighbors to accept large colonies of them as well. In other words, we have a potential ready-made military force in one country who has established cells of that force in neighboring countries who are economically dependent on it. Nor is Germany without recent precedent in using Moslem auxiliaries for their expansionist designs. Germany used Moslem jihadists like the Bosnian Insurgents and Kosovo Liberation Army to extend its hegemony over the former Yugoslavia, Albania, and Greece. Germany has supported the Moslem Brotherhood thug Tayyip Erdogan in their various skullduggeries in the Middle East. And they've also backed the Neo-Nazi Poroshenko Regime in Kiev---which has also been padding its military with Jihadist refugees.

    The American public is completely oblivious to the German threat. But there is hope and proactive things we can do:

    1. The German public, for the most part, do not want a Fourth Reich. We can encourage and assist those resisting the German government and its policies.

     2. Support movements in European countries advocating withdrawal from the European Union.

     3. Expose scams like TTIP and the anti-Russian Sanctions which are designed to loot Americans and Europeans alike.

      The world already established Armistice Day in 1918 and V-E Day in 1945. We don't need a third holiday like this.  




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