Tuesday, May 3, 2016


     About 50,000 protestors, a tiny fraction of the population, turned out in Tokyo yesterday to oppose proposed changes to the Japanese Constitution. These changes would repeal many post-WW2 restrictions on Japanese re-armament and military deployments abroad. The Japanese leadership, under Emperor Akihito and Prime Minister Abe, have already been pursuing an aggressive policy to re-militarize the Empire.

     Considering that the Japanese Empire is currently headed by men whose families instigated WW2, one would think that Americans would look with apprehension on these developments. But naturally, they prefer to let others do their thinking for them. The Government-Media Complex has the Ameroboob completely convinced that Chinese development of some uninhabited atoll or North Korean weather-satellite launches pose a graver threat to world peace than the re-birth of Imperial Japan.

      This is not surprising, considering that Japanese investment in the United States is 50 times greater than China's. So we can expect Japan to get a free pass, like many other countries whose interests are adverse to ours. But we should have a closer look at the character of another of our 'allies'.

      Japan is an Imperial State headed by a royal figure who is worshipped as an earthly god by his subjects. His father, Hirohito, was defeated in WW2; and by Japanese moral standards, this defeat caused a loss of 'face' which the son is obliged to avenge. His prime minister, Shinzo Abe, is also a descendant of political figures active in that regime. Japanese policy towards foreign powers has never been anything but hostile. Part of their cultural indoctrination holds that the Japanese are 'The Master Race of Asia' and that it is Japan's divine destiny to bring the world under the control of their emperor-god.

      During American occupation from the 1940s-1970s, the Japanese were exposed to American culture (when our culture was still a force for good) and lifted themselves out of their barbaric past. But as America declined, the reactionaries saw their opportunity and are coming back. Consider these facts:

       *The Empire has never apologized for atrocities committed during WW2. They have in fact demanded that territories be returned to them, such as Sakhalin Island. Recently, they displayed reproduction military equipment from that period---just before unveiling a new Stealth Fighter. Only three other countries have this advanced technology.

        *The Empire has publically stated that the development of biochemical weapons of mass-destruction can legally be produced in Japan.

         *The Empire has deployed military forces abroad---with US complicity---and made spurious territorial claims against Daiyou.

          *The Empire has suppressed independence movements in Okinawa, and refuse to recognize the Okinawan culture.

            *The Empire has acted as a State Sponsor of Terrorism: supplying vehicles to ISIS; trafficking in black-market commodities; and aiding the Uighar Moslem terrorists to destabilize China. Japan has also fomented political unrest in Hong Kong and instigated tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

             These are all replays of strategies the Empire carried out during the 1920s and 30s.

             Note the parallels between the Japanese Empire and Saudi Arabia---another country with deep financial interests in the US. The Saudis also engage in these kinds of activities, to which our political and media leadership also turn a blind eye. Our cultural elites have learned that allies and enemies can be created at will and imposed on the Ameroboob without question. And the elites laugh all the way to the bank and leave the future to itself.

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