Sunday, May 15, 2016


       The US presidential elections are, admittedly, a distasteful subject. When we look at the candidates from 1988 onwards and compare them to the candidates before them, any thinking American can hardly escape feeling depressed. And, then, when we compare the candidates of 2016 to many foreign statesmen, we can hardly escape feeling ashamed. That we'll likely end up with either a showman, a deranged Feminist, or a Communist representing us in 2017 is not a pleasant scenario. And that is assuming, of course, that the current president doesn't completely snap and declare himself President-for-Life.

      But there was an interesting article posted today about Donald Trump that deserves some commentary; and the full text can be found here.

       There is a good analysis here about Trump's popularity, although we are skeptical about equating modern Social Conservatism with anything remotely resembling what traditional American Conservatism actually is. When, in 1989, the presidency passed from a Traditional Conservative to a kinder, gentler caricature of a Conservative, Conservatism in America effectually died. The Reagan Administration was not the beginning of a Conservative movement; it was the end of one. A few lone voices in the 1990s like Patrick Buchanan and William F. Buckley spoke out; but were drown out by a herd of charging RINOs led by Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, and Rupert Murdoch. Conservatism became simply defined as not being a Democrat; otherwise, for all the good that Republican Congresses and 8 years of Junior & Cheney accomplished, they may as well as never happened.

       But it is what the author says regarding Trump that is especially prescient and noteworthy:

       "Donald Trump is essentially a Manosphere type. He is a swaggering 'Alpha Male' living out the fantasy of what a high-status man can achieve without apologies. Trump, being a Manosphere type, explains his lack of any real connection to religion, his sins of adultery... The Manosphere is radically anti-feminist, yet at the same time not very interested in gay rights or abortion and often excuses or even promotes promiscuity and has many other moral failings; also the Manosphere is not very connected to religion. This Manosphere profile matches Donald Trump quite closely."

         This is a good observation, and we could add to it that Trump's stated views on religion are not that radically different from Manospherians in the Game Cult who wear a veneer of Christianity.

         The parallel here between Social Conservatism and the Manosphere is this: just like Social Conservatives are basically Neo-Liberals who find Radical Leftists repugnant; most Manospherians are basically Male Feminists who want everything Feminism offers except for the female empowerment part. That part of feminism, they want for men, but they're fine with everything else.

         Because the TRUTH here simply is this: Trump is not a 'manly Alpha leader' and neither are most Manospherian writers.

          In the Gamer Paradigm, an Alpha Male is defined by his ability to conquer women sexually, reproduce offspring, excite other men's envy, and, most importantly of all, have a big mouth that runs freely without fear of consequences. In contrast, a real man wins the love of a high-value woman, provides for his children, earns the respect of other men, and says worthwhile things from a position of acquired wisdom.

         If anybody doubts that a difference between a Manosphere 'Alpha' and a Real Man exists; let them compare Donald Trump to Theodore Roosevelt (both rich men from NY). Then let them ask themselves if they'd follow Trump or follow Roosevelt when they needed a real man and the question answers itself. Contrary to what the Gamers say, a man's value is determined by what he does; not by what he says.

         But sadly, the day of the Bull Moose is gone in America; and the Alpha Thug rules in his stead.

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