Saturday, May 7, 2016


   Tomorrow, the United States---the land of gender wars, no-fault divorce, legal abortion, and homosexual marriage---celebrates the annual merchants' holiday called Mothers' Day. Like Christmas and Independence Day, this holiday stands for institutions that Americans no longer believe in; but its observance pads Madison Avenue's profit margins, so it's kept around.

     The holiday actually celebrates Motherhood. Once upon a time, America actually honored motherhood. In 1943, psychologist Helene Deutsch noted that the greatest fear among teenaged women then was the fear of sterility. Today, of course, our degenerate culture's greatest fear is of what they call 'teen pregnancy'. And they reinforce this is in young women by handing out free birth control, lax abortion laws, absurd age-of-consent laws, sexual harassment policies, etc. And it should be noted that such sanctions only apply to heterosexuals.

       We've certainly progressed culturally since President Wilson established the holiday in 1914. One hundred years later, only about one-forth of American children under 12 live with both their biological parents. And its not surprising when one looks at the state of American womanhood:

         1/4 between the ages of 15-45 are, or have been, on prescription psychiatric drugs.

         1/3 have had abortions.

         2/5 are functionally or totally illiterate.

         1/3 have experimented with bisexuality.

          3/4 divorces are initiated by women. 2/3 of marriages end in divorce.

          1/3 suffer from chronic obesity.

          Not an especially attractive picture, is it? Small wonder then, that the only marriage demographic in the US showing positive numbers are marriages to foreign-born women. And that number is increasing in spite of the legal and social roadblocks which the Cultural Marxists---who have no issue with importing Jihadists into the country---have erected.

           Some elements within the Manosphere have formed a reactionary clique against these social trends; mistaking what they see in our dysfunctional society as fundamental truths about the nature of women. That fallacy is shown up simply by comparing foreign women to their American counterparts. The Game/PUA element in the Manosphere, argues that American women have too much freedom and point to such numbers as the consequence of that freedom. But this is simply their variation of the Feminist myth that our women are the oppressed victims of an evil patriarchy.

          What these numbers and comparisons show in reality is that American women are being radically disinformed and miseducated. It's only common sense that women who universally reject marriage and motherhood are not normal; and neither are men who default to them to evade their social responsibilities as husbands and fathers. Both sides argue that our social condition is a the new normal and shrewdness dictates conformity with it. But in spite of Feminist mythology and Manosphere duplicity, Nature will take its course; and a society that rejects traditional marriage is a doomed society.

           That is because the family is the foundation of a civilized culture. The family is the basic social unit in which a human being has an interest. From the family grows a community; and from the community, the nation; and from the nation, the world. The Cultural Marxists want to destroy family because (or so they believe) they can step into the void and shape the future according to their own whims. And the American male---who should be fighting the hardest to prevent this---prefers instead the access to cheap and easy sex that both Game/PUA and Male Feminism offer.

          That fight should begin with correcting and educating women---but not in the way that the Manospherians believe. The first thing that has to be understood is that American women are not 'too free'---they are in fact, very much unfree. The Feminists pull the wool over female eyes by telling them that their lack of freedom is because of 'male privilege'. In reality, American women are oppressed by their own feminist overlords. If anyone doubts this, let them ask an American woman who's exercised her right to choose by opting for traditional marriage and motherhood just how socially acceptable her decision was.

         American women in their teenaged years have no rights whatsoever to pursue marriage or motherhood. The same social policies that focus on 'sexual harassment' also prevent women from pursuing healthy relationships with men with whom they're acquainted. Foreign-born women who seek marriage are denied immigration rights. Many women are socially and economically prevented from being stay-at-home mothers. In all cases, women are denied free access to education that prepares them for marriage and motherhood. Working women's taxes fund abortion clinics whether they agree with abortion or not; but just see how many fertility clinics are subsidized by anybody, public or private.

       Maybe Mother's Day should be a time for some national soul-searching about its true meaning and debate on how we can come together again. But, instead the Ameroboob will go through the motions; while those who keep The Gender Wars going will riot in the plunder and laugh up their sleeves.




  1. Night Wind, the one who initiates divorce proceedings isn't necessarily a guilty party. I know someone whose husband did everything to provoke her into filing, in the end they filed together. If the husband abandons his wife and she files, whose fault it was that their marriage had been destroyed?

    1. True, but regardless the divorce rate in the US is far too high. Neither gender here is prepared for the duties and responsibilities of marriage. The reason that women divorce more often here is because our culture encourages it and our laws incentivize it. What we need are pro-family policies and better education. That way, no-fault divorce would become irrelevant as a political issue. It could still exist for people who needed it; but fewer people would want divorce.

  2. I think no-fault divorce should be abolished altogether.

    1. It needs to be abolished in the public mind first. If people cease to value marriage, divorce-law reform isn't going to accomplish much.