Thursday, May 19, 2016


       One of the great benefits of the Internet is that it allows to circumvent the agenda-driven Western Media Cartels and hear things that PC culture diligently suppresses. Pravda, which occasionally posts some good op-ed pieces recently published an essay The Key Facts About Homosexuality which debunks the common pro-homosexual talking-points promulgated in their propaganda.

       The author, apparently a Turkish journalist, states plain facts which would never be allowed publication in our free and open society. Once, here in Western countries, medical/psychiatric professionals knew and understood the damage promoting this so-called alternative lifestyle among the young can cause, and for this reason it was prohibited. The author points out that, in Russia---where the government has wisely taken measures to protect society from this scourge---instances of drug abuse, suicide, and mental disorders are already declining among the young.

        Contrary to the image imposed upon us by the Media, homosexuals make up only a numerically insignificant percentage of the population. In fact, if homosexuals were considered an ethnic group, they would rank about 5th or 6th in minority demographics---numerically about as represented as American Indians. Of course, they are not an ethnic group, but people who have chosen a lifestyle which the author also cites recent studies. The studies found the very same conclusions once reached by American scholars: that homosexuality is a choice. In fact, nearly all scholarly American psychiatric publications from before the 1970s are filled with case-studies of homosexuality being cured. And these cures did not involve religious conversion or torture, as homosexual propagandists would have us believe, but through ordinary psychoanalysis and counseling.

           Census data shows us that homosexuals seem to be concentrated in a few major cities---not coincidentally centers of governmental, media, and academic power. It ought to be apparent to anybody who's still sentient in America that the Rainbow Movement is the product of a deliberate, well-financed, and well-coordinated organization. Not only in America, but we've seen recently this group has the capability of projecting its power abroad: exporting provocateurs into foreign countries like Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, and Israel most recently.

            When we see in the United States co-ordinated attacks upon those who oppose the homosexual agenda; everything from spontaneous attacks on the Internet to boycotts; the legal costs of the recent so-called 'marriage debate'; the fact that homosexual propaganda dominates the American media and that Government at every level caves into their demands and enforces their will---these things are the obvious consequence of what may be termed, A Shadow Government.

             This is another reason why sensible governments have historically suppressed homosexuals. Earlier psychological studies---especially from the WW2 Era---show that homosexuality is collectively, as well as individually antisocial. That many Nazi leaders of that era were openly or latently homosexual is well-documented; and homosexuals naturally gravitate to authoritarian political regimes. This is because homosexuals are united in a common cause by their sexual identity and not by national allegiance. By definition, they hate tradition: family, religion, nation, and are filled with bitterness and resentment against heterosexuals of any kind.

             All of this is rapidly becoming a moot point in America, where the effete and degenerate population really no longer offers any resistance to any hostile force, foreign or domestic, who want to control them. But other countries---who still cherish freedom, faith, and family---can take note. Guard your borders. Because Cultural Imperialism is just as dangerous to your sovereignty as military intervention; and the erosion of a society at its fundamental levels will ensure its collapse.


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