Monday, May 9, 2016


    The latest controversy in the American Water-Cooler Wars comes today from West Point. The US Military Academy used to be one of the premier military colleges in the world. But today, it's the focal point of the latest media outrage that will be forgotten as soon as the next public distraction arises.

      It seems that a pair of empowered Ladies of Color who represent what passes for military prowess these days made a video, giving the Black Panther Salute while in uniform. This follows a string of similar events: Obama nominating Lesbians and social workers to command West Point; the Citadel changing its dress code to accommodate female Moslems; the Department of the Navy vowing to "end the culture of masculinity' at Annapolis; cadets at Temple marching in high-heels at Feminist rallies, and so forth.

     Many on the political Right are complaining that these cadets disgraced the uniform. On the contrary. They did exactly what the uniform has now come to represent.

    There's an attitude widely prevalent in the United States that the military is above any criticism. The Ameroboob believes that the Hollywood superheroes and WW2 documentaries he watches while smoking marijuana in the evening accurately depict the modern military. Let's see what our brave men and women in uniform who are putting their lives on the line in service to their country actually look like.

    One enlists in today's military through dumbed-down recruitment standards and lowered physical requirements to accommodate the under-represented in society who may wish to join. Basic training is less rigorous than most high-school physical education classes were a few decades ago. There are plenty of Sensitivity Training seminars along the way. And girls and homosexuals get to play soldier too, these days.

     Training is fairly effective---according to various surveys around 1/4-1/3 of military personnel would kill American citizens if ordered to do so.

     Life in military is highly disciplined. There are many restrictions on Sexually Inappropriate Conduct (which only apply to heterosexuals of course). Military personnel aren't allowed to carry weapons except in combat---and even then they have strict protocols written by groups like CAIR and the ACLU. Military bases are smoke-free and gun-free zones too these days; and any displays of Christianity is also strictly forbidden.

     Take a mob like this---take off their uniforms---would anybody feel any respect for them? No---and nobody should while they wear uniforms either. Putting on an Army uniform doesn't make somebody a soldier anymore than putting on a white smock and carrying a stethoscope makes one a doctor.

     Americans like to flatter themselves that our military is invincible; in spite of the obvious proof to the contrary displayed by Russia, China, and Iran. Let's look at some of the Pentagon's recent triumphs:

       1. Murdering civilians in Serbia and covering up American casualties;

       2. Allowing 19 Moslem hijackers to attack the Pentagon itself and the World Trade Center.

        3. Unable to defeat Jihadi Militias in 14 years of fighting.

        4. Chased from the Red Sea by Somalian Pirates.

         5. Two bases attacked by lone Moslem gunmen---the soldiers had to be rescued by police.

          6. A destroyer sent to Sochi to overawe the Russians ran aground and had to be rescued by the Turkish Navy.

          7. Surrendering two gunboats intact to the Iranian Coast Guard; crying and groveling in front of the captors, who made a propaganda video of it.

          8. Letting a Chinese Naval taskforce come undetected within missile range of Obama. Chinese submarines have surfaced in the middle of US fleets on numerous occasions without being detected.

            9. Having sensitive military information hacked from Pentagon computers multiple times.

            The American public needs to understand a couple of basic points. First: The reason that countries have militaries is to defend the country and, on some occasions, defend national interests and citizens abroad. The military is NOT a welfare program; a laboratory for social engineering experiments; a private mercenary force for Wall Street; or a slush fund for defense contractors. In order words, every way the military is being used now is contrary to its actual purpose.

             Secondly, it is not---as many Conservatives seem to believe---a form of community service. The military is a job, that people are paid to do. So common sense would dictate that you have well-paid professionals who work to defend the country making up your military.

               Is that what our military looks like now? No.

              The bottom line here is that, if the US had to fight a world war today, not only would we not win, we'd likely not survive it intact. Russia and China have the capability to bring a war to American soil if they wished; and Iran has reached the point where they could successfully repel an American attack.

               But the Ameroboob doesn't want to hear this. He should remember, though, the words of wise old Benjamin Franklin: "Hear the voice of Reason, or Reason will compel you to listen." Because ignoring problems with National Defense can cause some very unpleasant forms of compulsion to happen.



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