Tuesday, May 17, 2016


    Allied media sources are reporting today that ISIS Supreme Commander, and unindicted war criminal, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has fled Raqqa and is believed to have escaped across the Iraqi border. Allied forces scored major victories in the vicinity of the ISIS capital this past week. As typical of ISIS leaders, Baghdadi saw the handwriting on the wall and decided the prudent course of action was to save his own skin and let his followers achieve the glory of martyrdom.

     Earlier last week, Allied forces took control of the western roads leading to Raqqa, then advanced on the strategic town of Deir Ezzur, overlooking Raqqa. On Friday, Kurdish auxiliaries swept into Eastern Syria, advancing into Raqqa's surburbs. On Saturday, the Syrian Air Force raided ISIS' special operations headquarters, killing 17 ISIS leaders.

      As Allied forces advanced, further evidence of ISIS atrocities are coming to light; in spite of US media attempts to keep them out of public sight. Deir Ezzur was formerly home to a top-tier medical center; Allied liberators have learned that ISIS abducted the medical personnel and transferred them Raqqa. When in control of the city, they forced the doctors to use the facility as a field hospital---after murdering the civilian patients to make room for their wounded men. Kurdish militias discovered a mass grave of unburied dead in a ravine near Raqqa, with hundreds of corpses visible from cliffs above. According to local villagers, ISIS soldiers rounded up Christians and threw them alive over the cliff.

       Middle Eastern media outlets report that a former Egyptian Intelligence official, who served in the previous Moslem Brotherhood government, claimed that Baghdadi had been wounded late last year and taken to Turkey for medical treatment. From there, he moved to Sirte, Libya where Obama's puppet-government protected him during his recovery.

       It may well be that Baghdadi is, or is planning, an escape from the Middle East with help from Obama and his confederates. If Baghdadi is captured, he would be put on trial and his testimony would expose US/NATO complicity in ISIS crimes.  

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