Monday, May 30, 2016


      While the Ameroboobs are spending Memorial Day in hookah lounges and gay bars---mourning over the death of a gorilla in the Cincinnati Zoo---it may be time to reflect on some military leaders who built the United States in generations past. The American military today is nothing but a ghost of its former self, of course. While we still maintain a few technological edges, today's military has essentially gone the way of most other once-great American institutions. In other words, just another politically-correct cesspool designed to promote Cultural Marxist goals.

      The US military has been in decline since the 1990s. Regardless of the merits of the war, the 1991 Persian Gulf War was, from a practical standpoint, really the swansong of the Pentagon. It was the last time American soldiers engaged in direct war against a capable foreign force. But the cultural rot also began under Bush Senior and has reached its nadir under Obama. Bush was the first to employ the military as a means of exacting personal revenge (as in Panama and Iraq); or as a welfare organ (as in Somalia).

      But prior to the modern era, the US military earned the respect of people both here and abroad. Since President Washington established the US military in 1794, American military philosophy always centered on the concept of a small, but professional regular army with a citizenry who would rise to swell its ranks and fight in an emergency. American men therefore had both a sense of pride, and an active stake in, military matters. Foreign leaders too were amazed both at the spirit of Volunteerism in the ranks and the innovative tactics and the willingness to take risks evinced by American leaders. 

     Volumes have written about the heroic deeds and innovative tactics of American soldiers and sailors---now relegated to the dustbin of history by the Academic Mafia, who despise all past American leaders as dead white males. For 200 years, these Dead White Males civilized an entire continent and brought down Imperialists, Secessionists, Nazis, Communists; and chastised other forces who abused Americans abroad. Our ancestors understood that Freedom was something worth fighting and dying for; to wit,


War of Independence: 25,000 killed; 25,000 wounded.
War of 1812: 15,000 killed; 4,505 wounded.
Mexican War: 13,283 killed; 4,152 wounded.
Union, US Civil War: 364,511 killed; 281,181 wounded.
Indian Wars: 1,100 killed; 1,025 wounded.
Spanish-American War: 2,446 killed; 1,662 wounded.
Philippine Insurrection: 4,196 killed; 2,930 wounded.
World War 1: 116,516 killed; 204,002 wounded.
World War 2: 405,399 killed; 670,846 wounded.
Korean War: 36,513 killed; 92,134 wounded.
Vietnam War: 58, 209 killed; 153,303 wounded.
Gulf War: 294 killed; 1,143 wounded.

       These levels of sacrifice could only have been produced within a culture operating under an entirely different set of principles than America operates under today. One of the proudest boasts of the US military used to be: We turn boys into men. The Pentagon, like the Public School System, hasn't followed that procedure in decades. In fact, the stated purpose of both these institutions to eliminate masculinity from their ranks as thoroughly as possible. And the policy has 'succeeded' too: witness that US Marines---once the elite of the military---now kneel, cry, and apologize to military forces like the Iranian Coast Guard who traumatized our brave men and women in uniform by frowning at them and shaking their fingers.

           Now, our forefathers' sacrifices mean nothing to the modern Ameroboob, whose life revolves around getting sex, doing drugs, and cashing in. Sacrifice is for suckers; by contemporary American logic. Of course, it never dawns on the Ameroboob that his attitude has produced a military which now thinks along the same lines and, to say the least, is not going to be especially useful if a national emergency a la World War 2 appears again.

           And, unfortunately, it may very well come that. Logic dictates that a nation unwilling or unable to defend its sovereignty isn't going to maintain that sovereignty very long. And once some ambitious foreign dictator decides to put his jackboot down on some American necks, we'll all see how well deconstructing America's Culture of Masculinity really worked.



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