Saturday, May 25, 2024


      We might all remember around last Christmas the story of a failed Congressional candidate and one of our brave xhes in uniform named Michael Cassidy. Cassidy went berserk in the Iowa State Capitol and attacked a paper-mache statue representing Satan which was being displayed there by some activists on the Whacko Left for whatever reason. Cassidy's trial finally concluded yesterday with a plea-bargain down Malicious Mischief and an $855 fine. 

     Cassidy soon became a great hero to the Postmodern Right: he can well afford to pay the fine since the fundraisers for him went well into six figures. In fact, he raised almost as much money from that incident alone than he did during his Congressional run. There was considerable howling from the Controlled Opposition that even that sentence was too mean. Destroying statues on public property and such is only bad when Liberals do it. Our side really has become the Trash Culture we wish to destroy.

    Though both Cassidy and his supporters have spun the narrative to portray him as a patriotic American hero overcome with holy zeal, that the whole thing was a publicity stunt is obvious from the facts surrounding the case. It worked too: Cassidy is now a wealthy man and a celebrity besides. In our culture, doing and saying outrageous things and generating controversy is the ticket to success: it's the bold action that counts, reasoned argument, not so much. Even crimes as serious as murder can get a free pass if it's Politically Correct these days. These things ought to give us some pause to reflect upon what kind of Justice Americans can expect if a Red Wave somehow comes to power this year. 

    Granted, there should have been no Satanic display in the State Capitol. Countries better governed than ours understand the threat that dangerous religious cults hold and take measures to suppress them (as ours used to do). However, just like in the cases of both crimes and social issues, the Postmodern Right maintains a double-standard when it comes to cults. The Moonie Cult, the Falun Gong, and Christian Zionists all are not only embraced by the Postmodern Right; they actively work with them in promoting agendas and crafting policy. This is not even counting some of the abominable positions taken by Reactionary Christian sects

    Due largely to the Groupthink cultivated by the Conservative-Industrial Complex, many on the Right are blind to how far our side has degenerated into a mere copy-paste version of the Left. Some are waking up to this fact. The problem with most True Believers, though, is that they have a mistaken view of the goals of political and social activism. Defeating the Left, for many of them, has become an end in itself and the means to do this---and what they plan to do afterwards---are irrelevant to that end. This is a very dangerous approach: we saw in the last century that based and Red-Pilled parties like the Nazis did in fact save their country from Bolshevism and made Germany a major power again; but the price for that was very high. We need to be better than the Left: not their equals in depravity. 

   We can't let that happen here---and most of all, we must guard against the type of denialism which imagines that it can't. Some of the statements coming from supposedly 'mainstream' Conservatives. and some of the dangerous fanatics approved of and promoted by their top pundits is proof that it can. We should remind ourselves of a quote from one of the prosecutors at the Nuremberg Trials:

   "This verdict illuminates one of the most shattering truths that has emerged from this trial. If all of the leaders of the Third Reich had been sadistic monsters or degraded perverts then the events described here would have no more moral significance than an earthquake, or any other natural disaster; but what this trial has shown is that, under the threat of a national emergency, ordinary---and even able and extraordinary---men can delude themselves into the commission of crimes so heinous that they stagger the imagination. No one who has sat through this trial can ever forget them: men sterilized for political beliefs, a mockery made of friendship and faith, the murder of children. How easily it can happen." 

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  1. A few hours after writing this, President-in-Exile Trump promised voters to pardon this outstanding specimen of humanity:

    But still nothing for Julian Assange, or Derrick Chauvin, or...