Thursday, May 23, 2024


     The title of today's article is taken from an old 60s Counter-Culture song but seems to be appropriate for the subject matter. The results of a study came out yesterday, which I think that we all saw coming and it speaks volumes about the state of American Culture. 

    "Marijuana use has become so mainstream in the US that the number of Americans who smoke the drug on a daily basis has surpassed the number who consume liquor with the same frequency, a new study has revealed. An estimated 17.7 million Americans used cannabis daily or almost daily in 2022...Prior to the wave of new marijuana laws, daily pot use reached a low point of less than 1 million Americans in 1992. Since then, per-capita rates of regular marijuana use have jumped 15-fold."


      Yes, yet another specimen of our exceptional culture that all of our enemies envy and want to destroy. An interesting---and probably not unrelated study that came out last year noted that within that same time frame found that American IQ Scores have been in consistent decline, noting that "test scores in three out of four cognitive domains were going down. This is the first time we’ve seen a consistent negative slope for these testing categories." 

    Before the usual Reactionary crowd starts piping up that this only happens in Liberal Pinko-Blue States, let's take a look at some actual numbers:

    Which would seem to indicate that most hardcore potheads are hardcore Fox News viewers: Minneapolis and Portland being the only Liberal strongholds in the Top Ten cities for Marijuana use. If anybody's interested in seeing some more data, 'Red States' didn't fare very well in deployment of other drugs either. Some of the cities with the lowest per capita drug use included some surprises: the lowest rates recorded in some cities allegedly suffering an "immigrant invasion" of violent drug gangs like Miami and El Paso and a few so-called Sanctuary Cities, for example.

   As we've noted here before, there is a major difference in the potency of Marijuana available since it's gone mainstream and what was circulating underground a few years ago. What's available today is comparable to Hashish in both its effects and potency and studies have shown a distinct correlation between cognitive decline and marijuana use as well as higher levels of intelligence-related birth defects in babies born to using mothers.

   China---which has had a tragic history from drug trafficking---did an in-depth article on the subject of drug abuse in America. Their report noted that "According to a report on the OpenSecrets website in April 2022, the marijuana and cannabis industry spent over $4.2 million lobbying on a variety of issues and legislation in 2021, including the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement (MORE) Act of 2021 which aimed to remove marijuana from the list of federally controlled substances. Amazon also spent $14.5 million funding lobbying activities between April and December in 2021 on a variety of bills, including the MORE Act, read the report. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), the sole Republican co-sponsor of the bill, has received more money from the marijuana industry than any other member of Congress with $52,100 in contributions received since his election in 2017." Considering the amount of loot that so-called Conservatives are raking off the Narcotics Industry, we can see why most of their rhetoric is only empty talk and scapegoating. China became the first country to ban high-potency Marijuana derivatives---many of which are available for retail sale in the US---in 2021 and its use except in industrial hemp is also banned. They also noted how our exceptionalism and exporting Democracy has led to social deterioration via narcotics in countries which our Pentagon has 'liberated.'


     Today, over 2/3 of Americans favor legalizing Marijuana as opposed to only 1/8 in 1969. The shift has been the result of a massive Media blitz headed by the shylocks on Madison Avenue and billions from Corporate advertising and vested interests. It should come as no surprise that organizations like the World Economic Forum are big promoters of legalization. WEF Agenda Contributor Jeremy Berke, a writer for the sleazy Business Insider praised Canada's legalization efforts in 2018 and hoped that it would pressure the United States to follow suit. Tessa Love, another Agenda Contributor promoting the WEF's 'Green Technology' scams, is editor of's Cannabis Newsletter

    The question of how we can turn things around is not an easy one. There is no political will to address the problem; and considerable economic and ideological opposition to changing the Status Quo. The problem goes beyond simple recreational use, as the Chinese study pointed out, social malaise is a huge factor. 

    "An increasing number of young people are turning to drugs due to dwindling economic opportunities and the apparent death of the so-called 'American Dream.' Most of them take drugs because they're bored, or because of depression brought about by economic insecurity. Taking drugs allows them to dull the pain from modern American society...Apart from social recession or crises that stimulate drug use at times, the severe inaccessibility to quality education targeting young people is also another contributing factor behind the US' drug abuse problem," experts noted.

   In other words, Marijuana represents a form of Escapism which can be linked culturally to the pervasive apathy and loss of historical perspective seen in the narcissistic culture which lives for the present and has both contempt for its past and sees little hope in the future. The Drug Crisis is a symptom rather the cause of a far deeper spiritual problem rotting the United States from the inside out.

   The Globalist Elites though are happy with the situation. Not only is a stupefied and apathetic population easier to manage and exploit; addiction creates dependence. The ideal state---which our Oligarchy has nearly succeeded in achieving--- is one where social approval is tied to cannabis consumption. In the end, Marijuana use is now directed to its ultimate purpose: creating the illusion of freedom in a culture which no longer values liberty.









  1. Something else to note, marijuana can be really estrogenic. Marijuana is likely an endocrine disrupter and like many plants, full of phytoestrogens. So besides increasing the chance of gynecomastia in men, marijuana use probably has a negative affect on fertility.

    1. That's a good point: along with the decline in cognitive skills, fertility rates have been dropping during the same period.