Sunday, May 26, 2024


     In this Election Year Show, two stories were circulated among the Controlled Opposition Media---one with considerable fanfare and the other discreetly ignored. Going along as though things like stolen elections, staged riots, Color Revolutions, and political persecutions of dissidents aren't really happening, the American 'Conservatives' are gushing over the prospect of a November Red Wave despite repeated humiliations---with or without interference---for the last three straight years. Removing the Democrats and continuing their tyrannies and usurpations under different management is their only objective at this point. 

    Apparently because of the widespread perception that there aren't enough extremists supporting the Republican cause, the President-in-Exile addressed the notoriously depraved Libertarians at their convention this weekend. The Libertarians are hardcore Social Darwinists. They oppose Government tyranny, but celebrate Corporate tyranny; oppose Government Militarism but are fine with private armies; and on social issues they firmly espouse unrestricted hedonism. Their position is basically the same as that of those favoring the Great Reset, only without the Virtue Signalling.

   The Conservative-Industrial Complex has been courting the Libertarians for some time. One of their icons, WEF Agenda Contributor and President of Argentina Javier Milei spoke at a recent CPAC Meeting to rave reviews. In addressing the crowd, the President-in-Exile won their support by promising to commute the prison sentence of another Libertarian icon, Ross Ulbricht. Ulbricht was jailed during the Obama Administration, and didn't come to Trump's notice during his entire four years office; but that hasn't stopped the True Believers from exploding with glee over the announcement

   "Do you remember Ross Ulbricht?" one opines. "He had website called Silk Road that was an e-commerce platform similar to eBay, where consenting users chose what to buy and sell as long as no third party was harmed. Although legal items were sold, it was mostly used for buying and selling drugs, most commonly small amounts of marijuana. For this, the Obama reign of terror put Ulbricht in jail for the rest of his life." The FBI, however, had a slightly different opinion on the subject.

   Robert Kennedy also spoke at the Convention, pointing out the Uniparty's role in the Scamdemic and crimes related to Big Pharma, but was roundly booed.


      The other big campaign rally, which---for obvious reasons---got less attention was staged by Bush Machine sock-puppet Ron DeSantis in Florida. Enlisted in this cause was dual Israeli-American Robber Baron Isaac Perlmutter who is organizing a new Super PAC to line the RNC coffers and buy influence. Perlmutter has amassed a huge fortune, mostly by bankrupting companies and escaping with a Golden Parachute. Unlike Ulbricht, Perlmutter has always managed to stay one step ahead of the authorities, though he came very close to getting caught when his double-dealings at the Veterans' Administration came to light.

     To the True Believers, all of these concerns about courting extremist elements, pardoning criminals, and taking bribes from billionaire Oligarchs are only peripheral issues which magically will sort themselves out once we're rid of the Democrats. Cultivating this attitude is precisely what the Republican Establishment is counting on. This is why they've taken a united front to foment discontent, hunt scapegoats, and push a narrative while avoiding and discouraging any discussions of what their actual solutions might look like. This is because they really have no solutions: the illusion of saving the country is all that they have to sell. 



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