Saturday, June 2, 2018


      On April 11th, 1951, President Harry Truman astonished the world by relieving General Douglas MacArthur of command in the Far East. He was replaced by General Matthew Ridgeway, commander of the 82nd Airborne Division during WW2. 

     Truman fired MacArthur because the United States was then part of a UN delegation offering a peace settlement to end the Korean War. MacArthur had made unauthorized statements in public threatening to expand the war into China. Of this, Truman said:

    "In the simplest terms, what we are doing in Korea is to prevent the outbreak of a Third World War. I think that most Americans recognized that fact last June. And they warmly supported the decision of the Government to help the Republic of Korea against the Communist aggressors. Now, many persons---even some who applauded our decision---have forgotten the basic reason for our action...We do not want to see the conflict in Korea extended. We are fighting to prevent a World War, not start one."

     Now, on the eve of a historic summit to end the Korean standoff once and for all, General Kenneth McKenzie---Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and another Obama holdover---is talking to the Corporate Media about atomic war with China. Today, just as in 1951, China is a major player in the peace process and the world needs China to make it happen.

     McKenzie told a CNN reporter during a press conference that the US had the ability to "blow apart" Chinese islands, and added that "the US Military has a lot of experience in the Western Pacific taking down small islands."

     Yes, they have.

    McKenzie later tried to backtrack and claim that he was talking about Japanese-occupied islands in WW2. But that's not the context in which he made these remarks. He was backing up some earlier statements made by another Obama flunky, James Mattis.

      Trump needs a Truman moment here and send McKenzie into retirement. If Truman did this to a real soldier like MacArthur, then ousting a PC Obama-stooge from a position that he shouldn't be holding in the first place is common sense. 

      This issue of Chinese control of the Nansha Islands has surfaced for several months. Then, just last week there was a minor confrontation involving an American warship there. McKenzie and his boss Mattis appear to be undermining Sino-US relations and sabotaging the Korean Peace initiative deliberately. 

     And that would be a logical conclusion since both generals served closely with Obama and fully supported the previous Administration's aggressive and provocative policies vis-a-vis both China and North Korea. 

      "General MacArthur is one of our greatest commanders." Truman said. "But the cause of world peace is more important than any individual." 

       Exactly. Political Correctness and partisan jockeying has crippled our military and will continue doing so until the Swamp is drained. 



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