Saturday, June 9, 2018


    Readers will remember that only about a year ago, one of the 'non-dangerous' street bums of Portland, Oregon---a self-proclaimed White Nationalist---killed two men and permanently injured a third who interfered with his attempt to attack a pair of young women. The Red Pills in the so-called Manosphere made fools of themselves defending the thug as a hero and portraying the victims as deluded chumps.

     So Vox Day, one of the cult's ringleaders and a White Nationalist himself, recently praised two effete Britons who ran away from a similar incident. 

      "Why should they be ashamed?" Vox spouts, "They did nothing to be ashamed of. She wasn't their daughter, wife, or mother. They had no obligation to risk being injured or even having the polish of her shoes scuffed for her. She's lucky that they didn't simply sit there and laugh at her."

      Now Vox claims that the Red Pill Cult represents true Christianity. He probably should reflect on what Jesus did when the Pharisees were about to stone a woman to death. But continues putting his foot in his mouth:

     "Women have spent the last 50 years telling men that everything is their fault and that they are both unneeded and unwanted. Women broke the socio-sexual contract, which is why many White men quite reasonably feel absolutely no duty to look out for women, children, or anyone else to whom they feel no direct responsibility."

      Granted---in the Red Pills' case anyway---elevating cowardice to a virtue is making a virtue of necessity. But let's take two hypothetical situations to illustrate why Vox' position is detrimental in the social sense:

#1: An anti-male woman is attacked by Chad and Tyrone in a dark alley at night. Chuck Norris is passing by, sees the struggle and puts the two thugs to sleep on the sidewalk.

#2:  An anti-male woman is attacked by Chad and Tyrone in a dark alley at night. Vox Day is passing by, sees the struggle and runs down the street screaming until he reaches a 'safe space.'

      Which of these two scenarios would likely change Ms. Bigot's mind about the necessity of men in her life? And which of the two would reinforce her 'all-men-are-pigs' attitude?

      This is what Jesus meant when he spoke of 'turning the other cheek'. The man who risks his life to save others---even when he knows the others despise him---is behaving in a Christ-like fashion. On the Cross, Jesus even prayed of those who crucified Him: "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do." It is said that Barabbas, in whose place Christ was crucified, repented at the Foot of the Cross and joined the Apostles. 

       This brings to mind a story I vividly remember from childhood: an old gentleman in the rural area where I grew up was a member of the Ku Klux Klan and a racialist church. One night while jacklight-hunting in a marshy area, he fell into quicksand. His two companions ran away, but two Black hunters coming from the other direction heard the commotion and came to investigate. By the time the Blacks arrived, they could only see an arm rising up out of the pit. One tied a rope around his waist and dove into the quicksand. With both men submerged; he took the old man by the waist while his companion pulled on the rope, bringing them both out of the mire. Had the rope broken or slipped, there would have been two casualties that night. When the old man recovered, he thanked his rescuers and broke off with the Klan and his racist church. By behaving with Christ-like self-sacrifice, the Black men exposed the old man's hypocritical faux-Christianity, and he repented and became a better man.

      The first commandment which God gives us in the Bible is wherein he says to Adam, "Maintain the Garden and defend it." (Genesis ii: 15). This was before Eve was created; hence it is a commandment specifically addressing the duties of the males of our race. 

       Once again, the teachings of the Red Pills stand at variance with teachings of Christ and the Church. They would be better served spending more time learning what Christianity actually teaches than the self-serving sophistries of their self-appointed leaders.


  1. Thanks for telling it like it is. Cowardice is not a virtue. And red pills are not embracing faith at all. Somebody smart once said fear is such a stumbling block, the bible has 365 "fear nots," one for every day of the year. I often note that misogyny, the real kind, is rooted in fear. Not fear of women so much, but men's fear of themselves.

    Ironically, what women are often attracted to is fearless men. With the exception of a few wounded and broken women, what most women actually want and desire, is strong men, men of courage who don't fear themselves, men who can go boldly before the throne of grace.

    Obviously men and women can mess it all up, but that really is the essence of who we are, our intended design, and what we desire of one another. Feminists are often trapped in fear. So are red pills. Fear is a liar, as the song goes.

    1. Thank you for the excellent observations. St.John also tells us that "he who fears is not made perfect in love" and that love is what drives out fear. Your point about the Bible repeating 'fear not' shows the depths of John's thought: If God is Love then we have nothing to fear.