Monday, June 11, 2018


    Has-been Hollywood 'actor' Robert DiNiro experienced an attack of Trump Derangement Syndrome at the 72nd Annual Tony Awards on Sunday night. The ceremony is an annual event honoring 'excellence in live Broadway Theater' and is non-profit endeavor to raise money for Theater Education. But, DiNiro, when before the microphone to introduce a winner; suddenly went berserk and began screaming profanity and anti-Trump slogans on live TV.

    DiNiro's outburst caused a near riot in the audience: many of whom were triggered into various TDS spasms. RT News carried some excerpts of Twitter comments from deranged Liberals:

     "Robert DiNiro is a national treasure" one slobbered. This one might actually have a point. DiNiro will be remembered for this outburst far more than he will for his less-than-stellar acting career. Remember, DiNiro is considered talent in a world where people like Harvey Weinstein make the decisions. 

      Here was another real gem: "The genius of Robert DiNiro's Trump critique tonight is that it will crowd out a share of the North Korea Summit propaganda tomorrow." 

     That comment really reflects a sick mind. Trump achieved something that no president from Harry Truman onward has managed: a face-to-face peace talk with the president of North Korea. And this jughead actually believes that summit is less significant than some vulgarities spouted from the drug-addled mouth of a Hollywood millionaire. It just gets better:

      "Robert DiNiro introduced Bruce Springsteen at the Tony Awards with a statement that expresses the sentiments of the overwhelming majority of Americans." proclaimed another genius. DiNiro's 'statement' actually does reflect the majority consensus in some communities: the DNC, ISIS, MS-13, the Corporate Media; and a growing number of inmates recently sent to federal prisons for corruption, racketeering, medicare fraud, gang activity, narcotics trafficking, etc.

      This latest Leftist meltdown is further proof of their complete bankruptcy. They're basically reduced to running around in black pajamas smashing store-windows or blowing off with their potty-mouths in front of any available microphone. This is why there's room for optimism in the 2018 and 2020 elections. They can't scream loud enough to drown out Trump's accomplishments; and the reason that they have to scream is because they really can't explain to us how much better we were under 'progressives' like Carter, Clinton, and Obama. "I hate Trump" is the Alpha and Omega of the Left's entire political platform. Politically speaking they're a paper tiger.





  1. Yelling and screaming seems to be working for them too...

    I keep wondering how they get so many votes.

    1. I think that for many of them voting works something like this: