Friday, June 15, 2018


     China, as expected, was quite supportive of the consensus reached during the recent Singapore Summit. They had been proposing a peace settlement for some time which included several points agreed to by Presidents Trump and Kim.

     Editors at the CPC's official newspaper, The Global Times, however had harsh words for their American counterparts in the press. Observing that "the US Media has been rife with criticism of the Singapore Summit's achievements" they went on to lecture American journalists like a schoolmaster would speak to dunces.

     "American Media's debate on US gains and losses after the Kim-Trump Summit has strayed from the point. Instead, they should focus on whether the Summit helps facilitate the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, and does so with minimum cost. However, all they care about is whether Trump made concessions and North Korea or China benefited as a direct result. If the two Asian countries do benefit, the US Media will be upset to the greatest extent."

     This is very true; but we would add to it that the Media Jackals are also foaming with rage because Trump also benefits politically. He accomplished what Liberal icons Carter, Clinton, and Obama failed to do. 

     "North Korean-US negotiations will be a long-term process. Trump's critics think that the US should recklessly exert maximum pressure because that's where the American advantage lies. The progress of US-Korean talks should never be decided by American domestic politics...Should the US be upset because Pyongyang and Beijing are happy? Negotiation is about finding the biggest common-ground instead of imposing conditions through trickery and intimidation."

    In China, they probably don't realize that trickery and intimidation are the foundations upon which the US Corporate Media operates. At least The Global Times admits that their opinions reflect those of the CPC. Our MSM poses as objective and transparent when in reality they are the most slavish toadies of the DNC and other special interests. 

     There are several parties involved in the Korean Peace Process: North Korea, South Korea, the US, China, Russia, and Singapore, who hosted the Summit. With the exception of the US media, all of those countries are cheering the success of the Summit and looking forward to the next step in the process. And as the American Media sinks further and further into irrelevance, their hysterical shrieks become more and more muted in the shadow of the Trump Administration's triumphs.


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