Sunday, June 17, 2018


     Since President Trump's victory in 2016, the Whacko Left has been sinking further and further into mass hysteria and desperation. Now, according to a BBC article today, Liberals are turning to in large numbers to Tarot and other forms of magic to cope. 

     Tarot designers Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble of Berkeley, California told the BBC that sales are at their highest in history and that they have risen 268% during the last six months alone. The two, who were 'Women's Studies' graduates, developed a Feminist-based Tarot system during the 1970s. Like many small business owners today, they credit President Trump for their recent prosperity---although for a different reason than most.

     "Our society is going through an extreme sense of alienation," Vogel told the press, "Donald Trump's victory, the rise of Far Right groups, violence, and misogyny...People are lonely and angry. Tarot helps them cope with these difficult times." 

      Of course, it couldn't be that---because of our recent economic growth---people have more to spend on things like Tarot cards, or other objects of unusual interest. So says Tina Gong of New York City a (self-described) witch and Tarot designer.

     "The rise of Tarot has everything to do with our current political and socioeconomic environment," she hissed. " The witch symbolizes everyone who has been an 'other' and who has no place or control in the world such as women, people of color, and the LGTBQ community." 

     I can't resist mentioning how perfectly Hilary Clinton was a living embodiment of that last statement. But despite Gong's depiction of a typical Tarot client, she confessed to the BBC that the majority of her clients are young, middle-class white women who "don't want to be seen as good girls and see the Tarot as a form of political resistance." 

     Gong apparently is active too in a group that she mentioned, The Magic Resistance. This is an online group of angry witches who put curses on President Trump and his coterie. 

     And these views, according to the BBC, are roundly applauded by the soothsayers' fellow-mountebanks in Academia. Mike Sosteric, a Canadian Sociology professor pontificated that traditional religions are 'too patriarchal' to be viable; so people are turning to alternative ideology-based systems---which he somehow imagines is the purpose of Tarot:

     "The Tarot emerged in 15th Century Italy and has no mystical roots. Tarot was an ideological tool. During the transformation from Feudalism to Capitalism, the ruling classes used Tarot to 'gamify' the civilization-building process. The cards guided people about the new roles in society. They helped the ruling classes to mobilize and manage the masses."

     Actually, no---Tarot (at least in its modern form) is believed to have originated around the 12th Century by a heretical cult called the Cathars who had a colony in southern France. The Cathars were full-fledged whackos who, among other things, forbade eating eggs and taught that sodomy was the only form of sex sanctioned by the Bible. It's said that the Tarot deck was used by them to receive divine messages. After the Cathars were suppressed, the practice of reading cards to tell futures and fortunes became Christianized. They were in widespread use long before the Italian Renaissance. 

     But for the modern Leftists---to whom the personal is political---even fortune-telling makes a political statement. While in power, the Left always resorts to political force to impose their will on society; so it's logical that out-of-power they'd turn to supernatural force like black magic and curses. It's telling that they don't turn to God, but to Dark Powers in their distress. That speaks volumes about their characters.


  1. "..the majority of her clients are young, middle-class white women who "don't want to be seen as good girls and see the Tarot as a form of political resistance."

    Interesting! I just wrote a post for the morning lamenting that same thing, the girls who don't want to be seen as good girls. I call it, "the fear of the sweet, gentle spirits." We have a couple of local witchy events going on and also a constant interest in tarot cards. What's so tragic about this kind of thing is how much damage it does. These girls are cut off from faith, there's lots of addiction and self-destruction going on, and they're just miserable. Oddly, they are being "good," in the sense of blindly conforming to a cultural narrative.

  2. They finally realized the 1,000,000 dollar voodoo doll they bought with taxpayer money doesn't work.