Thursday, June 28, 2018


       As we've all heard by now, another loser has gone berserk and shot five dead and wounded an unspecified number in Maryland. The suspect targeted the headquarters of the Annapolis Capital-Gazette, a Beltway-area newspaper. Since the suspect isn't a minority, the media immediately released details about him, and the partisan finger-pointing, the obligatory 'hearts-and-prayers' speeches, and conspiracy theories are already flying across the Internet. Forgotten, of course, are the victims---as is usual with the American Corporate Media.

      Reuters News---for whatever their words are worth---reported that the suspect recently filed a defamation suit against the Capital-Gazette. He was said to be a local punk who worked as a bureaucrat for the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and had a record for stalking and harassment. 

      But enough of this nutcase. The people who really deserve credit were the local police. They arrived in less than one minute and took control of the situation, preventing more casualties. The police are never heroes to the Media, but the quick response reflects a growing trend among local police jurisdictions: specialized training for these kinds of emergencies. Broward County, Florida Sheriff Scott Israel, who was one the architects of the new program stated that "we can no longer be in denial that these incidents are now part of our society. We can't prevent these; but we can train to contain the damage."

       Anne Arundel County Sheriff's deputies obviously have been trained in the new techniques. According to witnesses, they quickly canvassed the interior of the building and surrounded the suspect before he could do more harm. The key to Sheriff Israel's plan is utilizing our high-tech communications abilities to coordinate first responders. Some departments are experimenting with a computer download of floor-plans and building configurations in high-profile potential targets. This technology hasn't yet been perfected, but in theory will give a special police dispatcher the ability to move officers through a building like pieces on a chessboard. 

       Our nation's police are evolving to meet these new challenges. But it's up to the public to do more. By this, we're not speaking of more useless, virtue-signalling gun control laws; or promoting clowns like David Hogg to organize stupid protest marches. When hearing of this story, I recalled a scene from a 1949 episode of Dragnet. In this episode, Chief Thad Brown and Sergeants Friday and Romero were hunting a sadistic child-killer. The following conversion took place after the detectives stayed up all night questioning suspects:

Brown: "Sorry we're going to have keep moving on this one."

Friday: "Did you see the papers this morning?"

Brown: "Yeah. They're like everybody else, crying too late. Someday people are going to learn that you don't fool with these degenerates: you take precautions or you take the consequences, there's no in-between."

Friday: "There's the usual talk going around town: it's supposed to be all our fault for letting the psychos run loose..."

Brown: "We don't make the laws, we enforce them. Until we get something to work with---laws with teeth in them---then these atrocities are going to go on."

Friday: "Nobody seems to care. We pick them, they serve a few days and pay a fine and then they waltz out of here. Nobody seems to care."

Brown: "Pity 'em, don't cure them. Nature played a trick on them; feel sorry for them---until they kill a kid. There's not a firm law to cover them as they are: we have to wait until they murder somebody."

Friday: "We've got a better law for mad dogs---we don't let them run around until they bite somebody."

Romero: "Those two little girls that psycho killed ought to prove something to them."

       Maybe this shooting in Maryland will wake a few people up to reality. By Sigmund Freud's own definition, mental illness keeps people from functioning in a civilized society. Liberals can't have it both ways: we can't have a civilized society and allow people who can't live in to run loose in it. This shooter; the Parkland school shooter and many others shouldn't have been on the streets in the first place. 


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