Tuesday, June 19, 2018


    In the recesses of various parts of the Internet, blogs, and talk-radio, a specter is stalking the land. He's only known by his code name 'Q'; much like Secret Agents K-7, G-8, and X-9 in vintage pulp fiction. However, Q claims to be a real person. Here's what Wikipedia says:

   "QAnon, also referred to as Q is the originator of a conspiracy theory popularized by {some} supporters of US President Donald Trump. The theory involves a series of cryptic internet postings by a person claiming to have access to classified information involving the Trump Administration and its opponents in the United States. QAnon's posting campaign is also referred to as 'The Storm' detailing a supposed secret counter-coup by the Trump Administration against the Deep State." 

     Q gets his name from a claim that he made of possessing a top-level 'Q Clearance' given to individuals in the US Department of Energy. 'The Storm' refers to a remark that Trump made during a conference with US military leaders calling it "the calm before the storm." It isn't known what Trump actually meant; but there were tensions between us and both North Korea and Iran about that time. Q's claim is that many grammatical errors and unclear statements made by Trump via Twitter are codes given out to operatives. 

     Q Anon began appearing on that bastion of truth and transparency, 4Chan, last October. Q has given us a simple flowchart to follow how the chain of events will unfold:

      And his messages are very clear as to what will happen next:

       This is an old trick used by con-men all throughout history. Simply say a lot of nonsense that nobody understands and a few will assume that all of that esoteric jargon is a mark of superior intelligence. Let's look at a few facts here:

    1. Trump doesn't need a coup to dismantle the Deep State; he's dismantling it quite well simply by enforcing existing laws.

     2. The military is still full of Obama toadies and would likely not support a Trump-led coup.

      3. If Trump were plotting a coup, he wouldn't broadcast on 4Chan on the assumption that the Deep Statists wouldn't read about it and be prepared.

     4. The US Energy Department is currently headed by a RINO closely affiliated with the Bush Family---a very unlikely ally to purge the Deep State.

      5. Most of all: we have no idea whatsoever who this Q is: man, woman, group of people---and, apparently despite leaking all this Classified Information, the US Government with all its resources isn't bothering to look for him. The same government who caught Anthony Wiener flirting with a paramour on a secure server supposedly can't find a rogue Energy Department employee leaking coded messages.

      Is that enough to write Q Anon off as a hoax? Let's focus on draining the swamp without any of this cloak-and-dagger stuff; but right out in the open like a free people should. 


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    1. Another blogger called him the 'Baba Booey of the Internet Age.' Always heard but never seen.

  2. Yes, you must be correct as these bastions of Truth and Justice agree with you. lol


    BTW, according to what I've discovered so far, Q is on 8chan now. Reddit has a sub called https://old.reddit.com/r/greatawakening/. Damn thing has 34,000 subscribers. lol

    New to this thing but it is interesting reading. Dunno if this stuff is true but it makes for interesting reading, imho. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    1. In a way, Q Anon is somewhat like the guests on the old Art Bell Show. You always knew that they were out of their minds, but they told good stories that kept you up all night.