Monday, June 4, 2018


     Since Obama's second term, Christian-owned businesses have been subject to harassment and legal persecution at the hands of militant homosexuals and anti-Christian bigots like State Attorneys-General Bob Ferguson (Washington) and Xavier Beccara (California). These two worthies embarked on a campaign that bordered on ethnic cleansing. 

    Christian-owned business---particularly bakeries and caterers---were targeted by homosexuals for bogus 'discrimination' suits. These phony cases served several purposes. One was the malignant satisfaction that Christian-haters got from forcing Christians to serve them against Christian beliefs. Another was that homosexual-owned establishments could force undesirable competitors out of business. Not to mention that activists could extort businesses under the threat of lawsuits for financial gain. 

     In February, the Trump Administration ended all Federal legal support for such tactics. Today, the US Supreme Court drove the proverbial stake through the vampire's heart. In a 7-2 decision, ruled that the State of Colorado violated bakery-contractor Jack Phillips' 1st Amendment rights by forcing him to cater a homosexual 'wedding'. 

      The Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a joint communique stating: "Today's ruling confirms that people of faith should not suffer discrimination on account of their deeply-held religious beliefs; but should be respected by government officials. This extends to creative professionals like Jack Phillips who seek to serve Christ in every aspect of their lives. In a pluralistic society like ours, true tolerance allows people with different beliefs to act out those beliefs, even if such beliefs are unpopular with the government."

      The Corporate Media has been trying to put the best spin on the decision by repeating---like magpies---that the ruling was 'narrowly defined' and that it 'sets no legal precedent.' Well, unfortunately for them, yes it does. Basically, this ruling is going to put the Burden of Proof on governmental inquisitors to demonstrate that they are not moving legally against these businesses on the basis of religion. This is going to be next to impossible to establish this in Federal Court; and after the Administration's February edict, they will get no support from federal attorneys. 

       Given the howls of outrage coming from the Gay Mafia, the Rainbow-Pride crowd certainly doesn't think that the ruling was of no consequence. Let's hope that this is only the beginning of taking our country back from Special Interests. 


  1. Several years ago my hubby declined to bid on a remodel job simply because he was too busy. Unknown to us, the lady was a LGBT advocate. She did all kinds of spiteful things in retaliation, alleging discrimination. It was really unjust because we didn't even know she was gay. Hubby was no help at all, because he just got on the phone and demanded she prove she was gay.

    The thing is, it's really hard to run a business and the general public often has this attitude that you owe them. We have another local business, Trump supporters, who have just gotten fed up with all the political harassment and decided to sell. So yes, this is a victory for religious freedom, but it's a real victory for economic freedom, too. A lot of people don't seem to understand (or don't care,) that a lot of our social problems stem from being unable to earn a living. When there's no jobs, there's often drug epidemics, families falling apart, etc.

  2. Dear Nightwind and Friends, i used to be pro-gay. Used to be... What changed my mind was: some years back the gays were belleyaching again... i just got sick of hearing it.