Monday, June 25, 2018


     We apologize for not posting for the weekend. With the perverts on the Left shoving Rainbow flags in our faces for so-called 'Pride Week' and the media scum splashing their obscene fantasies about the Trump children and great-children, it was time for a trip to the solitude of the wilderness and Mass at a small rural church. Trump supporters, it seems, can't even have a quiet breakfast anymore without some wingnut going into TDS hysterics.

      It's also been awhile since we last wrote of the ongoing crisis in Yemen, but some recent events have put the war back on the front pages (at least of the foreign press). The war was incited by the Obama/Clinton/Soros gang's regime change policies. Yemen is the poorest country in the Middle East, though it has some valuable ports and a strategic geographical location. In 2015, the US Deep State's confederates, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and some foreign mercenaries and terrorists invaded Yemen in what was supposed to be a simple occupation and 'peacekeeping' mission. The Rainbow Flag would be hoisted over Saana and Aden and ports secured for trafficking drugs, weapons, white slaves, and black-market oil. 
But unfortunately for the Color Revolutionists, the Yemeni people have proven to be a tenacious race. Despite being heavily outnumbered, out-equipped, outspent, and with nothing but raw courage, the Yemeni Army and a few Hezbollah and local militias have fought the 'Coalition' to a standstill after three years. 

      So readers are doubtless wondering what the two stories have in common. Actually not that much: and that's the point. While the Snowflakes and the media and academic millionaires leading them are screaming about Trump 'oppressing' them. They can't really explain why they feel this way other than Trump is a 'divisive' and that they feel offended and triggered by his presidency. Thus today, thousands boiled out into the city streets to denounce and protest their hurt feelings. 

      The last time that there was a mass-protest in Saana, Yemen against the Coalition's puppet-government, Saudi jets arrived strafed the crowd with machine-guns. See, America's limp-wristed Left have no idea what oppression really looks like. 

    The Coalition has also---deliberately---targeted Yemen's infrastructure such as power plants, hospitals, and water supplies. Starvation and disease are rampant, and the people are dependent on foreign aid. The Coalition has blockaded and attacked humanitarian relief efforts wherever possible and most is coming through the patriot-held port city Al-Hudaydah. 

    Last week, the aggressors launched an attack by land, sea, and air against Hudaydah. Their objective is to capture the port; take full control of foreign aid coming into Yemen; and starve the people into submission. And American Leftists are incensed because illegal immigrants and their minor children are kept in separate jails. 

     The Battle of Hudaydah is into its 10th day. Emirati Marines established a beachhead and sent tanks into the city; while from the ground, the Saudis---behind a spearhead division of Al-Qaeda and former ISIS troops entered from the other side. The patriots were caught off-guard and the aggressors made significant gains; but the Yemenis have counterattacked and regained territory, inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy. Most analysts believe that this will be the decisive battle of the war and experienced foreign correspondents have reported that this is the fiercest battle they have ever witnessed. Fighting is mostly hand-to-hand, street-by-street, building-by-building with both sides alternatively gaining and losing ground. The Yemenis understand that their country, their culture, and their very existence as nation is at stake; and they've resolved not to give it up without a fight. 

     That's the difference between a real crisis and the manufactured outrages of the Whacko Left. In the real world are real struggles between good and evil. Against the backdrop of such real struggles, the whining of the Radical Left sounds even more pathetic. 

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