Tuesday, June 19, 2018


    In May of this year, Col. Jason Beers, Commander of the 91st Security Forces Group, was disgraced after his incompetence caused the loss of a shipment of rifle-grenades and a machine gun. While in transit from Minot Air Force Base, a case of 32 MK-19 40mm grenades allegedly 'fell off' the back of a truck. Beers' squads of snowflakes were unable to find it; and the Colonel rather stupidly publicly offered a reward for its return. 

    The Air Force ordered an inventory audit and discovered that an M-240 light machine-gun was also missing. To date, none of these weapons have been accounted for. 'Master Sergeant' Nikki Drago---another of Obama's Rainbow Military promotions---was also relieved of command as the 91st's top sergeant. 

    So what was Col. Beers' fate? Well, arch-RINO Pentagon Chief James Mattis gave him a promotion. Beers was assigned this week to command the Logistics Division at Air Force Special Operations Command in Hurlburt, Florida. 'Captain' Amanda Farr of AFSOC told the Corporate Media that "we are fully competent of the colonel's ability to manage our security forces and civil engineering programs for the command." (emphasis ours).

    This is 'draining the swamp'? 

    If I were commanding the Air Force, Beers would have gotten a promotion, alright. He'd be commanding a garbage disposal unit at our base in Greenland's Arctic Circle. But not so under the Obama-appointed General Mattis. Mattis has been keeping the Pentagon at Obama-levels of political correctness, corruption, and incompetence for the next Democrat-controlled administration.  Mattis didn't even cancel homo 'Pride Month' until this year under pressure from Trump and Pence.

     In fact, Mattis has done very little in the way of reform, unless leaned on by the White House. For example, Admiral James Crawford still commands the Navy JAG Corps despite being implicated in illegally-conducted courts-martial aimed at securing 'sexual harassment' convictions; (two of these convictions have been overturned, citing Crawford's obstruction of due process). 

      It's vital to the Trump Agenda that we have a functional military again. Mattis is not the man for the job; and he needs to join his chums General McMaster and Rainbow Rex Tillerson outside the White House fence.

                                           The Mattis Military Machine in Action

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