Monday, June 11, 2018


   Much to the frustration of US Liberals and Neocon RINOs, the long-anticipated face-to-face meeting between Presidents Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un went off in Singapore as scheduled. We don't have all of the details yet, but RT News reported just moments ago that both leaders left the talk in good spirits and briefly spoke to the international press. 

     President Kim stated that the summit was "a good prelude to peace", while President Trump described it as "A lot of progress---better than anyone could have expected." Trump also alluded to a proposed document that the two leaders would sign---as of yet we do not know the nature of that agreement.

      Op-ed writers in the Chinese news outlet The Global Times speculated that the two countries were about to establish formal diplomatic relations. They noted that both American and North Korean flags were displayed at the meeting---which typically doesn't happen in countries without such ties.

      What we will say here for now, is that this meeting is something that we at this blog wanted to see happen and have advocated for some time. The end of the Cold War ended should have ended the hostilities on the Korean Peninsula. But the sordid and mercenary interests of the Deep Statists, the Moonie Cult fanatics, and the toadies of both---the Corporate Media---isolated North Korea and rebuffed every attempt Pyongyang made for rapprochement. North Korea was unjustly called part of 'An Axis of Evil' by the RINO Bush and was a scapegoat during Obama's 'Pivot to Asia'. 

      In 2016, President Kim expressed a desire to meet with Trump. Trump nearly fell into the same trap as his predecessors under the malignant influence of Tillerson, McMaster, and Mattis. With the first two booted from power, Trump was able to do what he does best: think outside of the box; gain a clearer picture and then do the right thing.

      North Korea was never a threat to the United States after 1953---not even with American troops stationed in South Korea. Pyongyang only began seeking advanced weapons of mass destruction after being threatened by the likes of Bush and Obama. What North Korea really needs---and certainly Trump will bring up this matter---is bilateral trade with the US. Marxist economies are never very efficient and the arms race imposed on North Korea has been a tremendous drain on the nation's resources. By opening to American markets, North Korea will have access to American goods---particularly agricultural. 

       This type of agreement would also obviate the need for massive American military spending to maintain a force in South Korea. South Korean President Moon has expressed a willingness to take on more---and ideally all---of the responsibility for his nation's defense. There is really no need for the 'peacekeeping' force we maintain there; currently about 25,000 personnel. They could better be deployed defending our own borders, for a change.

       Time will tell what will come of this summit, but the beginning looks positive. It's more than has been done by American leaders in Korea since the fall of the Iron Curtain.


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