Wednesday, June 6, 2018


     Jim Kenney, the Democrat mayor of 'sanctuary city' Philadelphia, threw an embarrassing tantrum on CNN over the President's decision to ban the Philadelphia Eagles from the White House until they learned some manners. Kenney went onto The Don Lemon Show, clearly barely able to contain his rage, unleashing every trite invective he'd learned after nearly 30 years in the Philadelphia City Government.

     Kenney also took to Twitter once he'd gotten warmed up. It's hardly worth repeating any of his insults here; there was nothing of any substance in them other than the usual irrational screaming of a typical anti-Trump monomaniac. Kenney has previously said that Trump was more divisive to the US than the Vietnam War; and publicly referred to the President as a "bully and a punk" over Trump's proposed immigration restrictions. He's clearly a fit representative for a team with the Eagles' track-record of thuggish and gutter-level behaviors. 

     According to the site Areavibes, Philadelphia ranks in the bottom 10% of American cities in terms of livabilty. It also ranks in the bottom 5% in public safety. The unemployment rate in Philadelphia is 61% higher than the national average; the poverty rate is 71% higher. Despite their bloated public school bureaucracy, Philadelphia school test scores are about half of the rest of the country. Like most Democrat-run cities, the Cost of Living Index is disgracefully high.

      It seems like Mayor Kenney has a little more serious business than raving about a bunch of millionaire gang-bangers not be invited to a White House party. It also sounds like he could use a lot more of the President's MAGA-philosophy while governing Philadelphia. If there was ever a city needing to be 'made great again', it's his.


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