Tuesday, June 12, 2018


     The historic Singapore Summit concluded today with both North Korea and the United States agreeing to a thawing of relations. Everywhere except the American Corporate Media---whose pundits' predictions failed miserably once again---were applauding Trump's principled and sensible stand. KCNA, North Korea's sole media outlet, reported earlier that Kim Jong-Un would be visiting the US in the near future; and that Trump was scheduling a trip to Pyongyang.

    "Even if a country has had a hostile relationship with us in the past, our attitude is that, if that nation respects our autonomy, we shall seek normalization through dialogue." was a statement to KCNA through the North Korean Foreign Ministry.  

     President Trump took the bold step of terminating American military exercises in and around the Korean Peninsula; which was a huge obstacle to peace. Trump, however, hasn't agreed to lifting sanctions and diplomatic relations are still on hold; but there is considerable optimism that American troops will leave Korea after 68 years and that bilateral trade and diplomacy will establish permanent peace there. The Cold War began in Korea; the Singapore Summit should mark its official end. 

      Few Americans really grasp the significance of Singapore. In averting war, Trump crossed some very powerful Beltway interests which actively sought a Second Korean War. The coverage of Singapore has in the Corporate Media has ranged from muted despair to hostile sneering to outright rage. The Democratic Party Establishment wanted war in Korea so they could capitalize on 'regime change' both politically and financially. The Neocons wanted war in Korea because the payoffs they received from defense contractors and the Moonies was a Neocon cash-cow. The Alt-RINO/Red Pills wanted war in Korea because they think that there are too many Asians on Earth already; and an atomic war would be a good way to get rid of millions of them. 

      The Singapore Summit ranks with the Sino-US Trade Deal of 2017  as Trump's greatest Foreign Policy achievement. The US Media, slinking away like a bunch of wet hens, won't give him the credit that he deserves. But the proof will be in the pudding when trade between our two countries opens again. 

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