Wednesday, June 27, 2018


     Within hours of Trump's electoral victory in 2016, the far-out, whacko Left-Wing was already going berserk. That very night, idiots were flooding the streets of Berkeley and Portland, keeping residents and police up all night with their howling. It wasn't over: 240 people were arrested---including some public employees---at the Inauguration in January. We've been seeing it ever since: from violent riots to NFL protests to slatterns marching in vulgar pink hats, the Left has lost it collectively. 

      Ever since the Radical Left infiltrated the Democratic Party in 1968, they've always resorted to violence, sabotage, and subterfuge in their relentless quest for power; and been just as ruthless and unscrupulous when they've governed. It's not uncommon to see their violence in the aftermath of an election they've lost. But usually, they eventually settle down and begin scheming either for the next election or trying to concoct some Watergate-like scandal. 

      This time, things have been different. The hysteria of the Left over Trump's election has given way over time to something resembling complete insanity. Over the last few weeks, media scumbags have been threatening the Trump children and grandchildren with homosexual paedophilia. Leftist pundits are encouraging their followers to attack Trump supporters---their persons, properties, and businesses. Last weekend, a maniacal restaurateur kicked a Trump spokeswoman out her establishment for no reason. This insane act has led to calls for others in business to follow suit. Today, protesters mobbed US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao McConnell, leading to a confrontation.

      And as if this weren't enough, a San Francisco-area degenerate named Andrew Gregor  posted this brilliant statement:

     Of course, the Trump Administration has expanded wildlife protection, cut taxes for the middle class and working poor, leased (not sold) public lands for oil companies, and never put babies in cages. And of course,  Gregor isn't exactly civil. He runs a rather shady 'green' contracting company and one Yelp reviewer claims actually to have caught him pilfering supplies after being kicked off a job he'd botched. According to Open Secrets, Gregor was a Sanders supporter. Despite supposedly running a profitable business, the cheapskate typically donated between $20-60 dollars to candidates. In November 2016, he tried unsuccessfully to raise $10,000 for an anti-Trump rally---apparently he doesn't oppose Trump enough to spend his own money doing it. A typical Liberal: he'll come with 'pliers and a blowtorch' as soon as he can appropriate them from somebody else. 

     Why are we seeing this fury from the Left today? The answer is twofold, with both reasons interconnected. The first is that the leaders on the Left have been stoking class hatred, envy, resentment, and identity politics for a long time. The second is that the Left is currently leaderless. The Leftist leaders could at least (or believed that they could) control and channel all of the hatred and rage they'd incited. When John Kerry lost in 2004, he told his supporters to wait out Bush and 'we'll get 'em next time'. Obama promised 'hope and change' and was able to accommodate and appease Leftist demands to a great extent. Even though Sanders supporters were often violent, the Senator himself disavowed violence and most of his media toadies, like Tom Hartmann, were aging hippies who saw in Sanders the realization of all their 60's love-in schmaltz. 

      But what we're seeing is a repeat of the scenarios of several movies, novels, and actual history. Movements built on perpetual outrage are not easy to control once they gain momentum. The French Revolution of 1789, the Russian Revolution of 1917, and the German Election of 1933 ended radically different than their organizers had planned: and in most cases recoiled on their leaders when people like the Jacobins, Bolsheviks, and Nazis found that they too could harness and direct mindless popular anger. 

     And that's what we're seeing with the Left today: mindless rage waiting for a Robespierre, Lenin, or Hitler to give it direction and purpose. 

      We've often said this about the Radical Right, but it pertains to the Far Left too: they're heading in a direction that easily could turn their paranoia into a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Left accuses Trump (falsely) of political repression. What better way to cause that repression to happen than go about targeting Conservatives for acts of violence? 

      Our Government is premised on settling political differences peacefully and enacting solutions to problems with debate and mutual compromise. When one side says it's through with civility and peace, there's going to be a reaction that's a lot more determined than pliers and blowtorches. Study our history and see how well any violent insurrection---from the Whiskey Rebellion to the L.A. Riots---have fared. The only place that people like Peter Fonda and Andrew Gregor will lead you is to the graveyard. 




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