Sunday, June 3, 2018


     The tech giant Google issued a formal apology yesterday to the California Republican Party after a faulty algorithm listed the term 'Naziism' as one of the Party's core ideologies in a voter-information panel. Google stated that the mistake happened because of trolling on Wikipedia skewing the web-crawling app that collects data. 

     Google also stated that the error was not the result of "manual manipulation by Google staff." However, there is some room for skepticism here. Google's corporate headquarters is in Mountain View, California---not far from Senator Feinstein's hometown. The Tech Industry has numerous Feinstein donors and Google is a major government contractor.  We'll say for now that, while there's no direct evidence that anyone inside Google had any involvement in the alleged error, both incentive and opportunity were present.

      Cynthia Bryant, the California GOP Chairwoman said, "It is libelous, and both Wikipedia and Google should take more ownership for what is published on their sites, since they've just accused 5 million Californians of supporting Naziism. It's unfortunate, but it's unlikely to affect the election since everyone with any common sense knows that we don't support Nazi ideology."

       She's right: it won't affect the election. But, as we learned from Project Veritas, the potentates in the Corporate Media actually believe that the American public is "stupider than s--t." The Feinstein Campaign, however, is in trouble: and they're desperate enough to try stunts like these. 

      Their last dirty trick was also based on an alleged error. A real Neo-Nazi named Patrick Little announced his candidacy for the GOP Senate this year. Here were his poll numbers from a month ago:

Emerson: 0%
YouGov: 1%
Gravis: 0%
LA Times/USC: 2%
SurveyUSA: 18%

      So which of these polls do you suppose that the Media broadcast all across the country? The one showing the Neo-Nazi in the lead, of course. Even the ultra-Liberal San Francisco Media was obliged to confess that the 18% figure "was probably an aberration."

      For some strange reason, it seems that these kinds of errors and aberrations always coincide with a prominent Democrat struggling in the polls. The California GOP Primary is next week---I have a feeling that we'll see a few more 'mistakes' between then and November. 

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