Wednesday, January 17, 2018


    For the second time this week, a high-profile public figure has suffered an embarrassing attack of Trump Derangement Syndrome: this time in the White House itself and in front of a visiting Head-of-State. This incident---which comes shortly after the President passed a routine mental health exam---is also the third time in the last 30 days that a member of the Mainstream Media has cracked up in public.

     Jim Acosta, a multimillionaire working for CNN, was among other reporters at a joint White House Press Conference with visiting Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. According to witnesses, Acosta began shouting over other reporters some incoherent babble about immigration from Norway. The President calmly responded that he welcomed immigrants from everywhere; probably somewhat puzzled since the number of Norwegians illegally in the US is estimated to be less than a dozen people and the topic had nothing whatsover to do with the Press Conference.

    The conference then concluded, but Acosta began screaming and flapping his arms frantically, as stunned media personnel from across the world looked on. White House staff promptly escorted the still-raving reporter from the room who allegedly shouted profanity and made obscene gestures in the ante-room. 

      Acosta then took to Twitter, falsely accusing Trump of censorship. The Press Conference was supposed to hear out the President of Kazakhstan. That country will hold chairmanship of the UN Security Council in 2018. That meeting may have been just a little more newsworthy than the phantoms floating around in Acosta's mind. Not to mention the $7.5 billion trade deal that Trump negotiated with the Kazakh President which will benefit American manufacturing and agriculture. 

       CNN has instead, however, been reporting the fake news about an opprobrious term Trump allegedly used in a closed-door meeting. In spite of FCC prohibitions against using the term on live television, CNN has said it nearly 200 times during the last week, according to the Media Research Center. 


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