Thursday, January 25, 2018


     A point we've made often at this site is that Conservatives---and others who identify as the political Right ought to be held to higher standards of word and deed than those on the Liberal Left. The reasons for this are twofold: 

       1. Our philosophy is based upon a traditional code of morality. Or, in plain English---we must practice what we preach.

        2. As our Founding Fathers pointed out, human rights are inalienable and this is premise is a self-evident truth. In other words, we must respect the inalienable rights of those with whom we disagree. And, since this is self-evident, we don't resort to the contemptible thuggery that those who despise human rights commit.

         Now, Vox Day and a clique of pulp-writers who are among his disciples are at it again. This time they've stooped to a new low---even by their nihilistic standards of behavior. Evidently enraged by their continued rebuffs from their more talented peers---people who refuse to bow to the Red Pills' self-purported Alpha Superiority---they've started a smear campaign against the Meadows Family of Queensland, Australia. 

          Toby Meadows is a Professor of Philosophy specializing in Mathematical Logic. His wife Foz Meadows is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy author. Vox' henchmen---notably Brad Torgersen, Dave Freer, Lou Antonelli and Vox himself---have falsely accused Toby Meadows of being blogger Camestros Felapton. Camestros has been a foe of Vox and his band of literary pygmies and their attempts to co-opt the whole literary genre. And they haven't stopped there: they've gone on to accuse the Meadows Family of paedophila and other crimes. 

      So much for the Red Pills' supposed opposition to false accusations. Because they've set things up to where Toby Meadows is forced to defend himself against things he's never done; while Camestros can't defend himself without self-doxxing. Doesn't this sound much like the false rape accusations that people like Vox denounce?

        Foz Meadows wrote a rebuttal today which was a fairly dignified response. Though evidently quite to the Left politically, Mrs. Meadows appears to be quite commendably a wife genuinely devoted to her husband. And she defends him quite ably. I would add to what she's already said. Just reading some of Toby Meadows' writing online, it evinces a different writing style than Camestros'. While it's possible to assume a different writing style for a singular purpose, it's not easy to do on a regular basis. One would suppose that such superior Alpha literary geniuses like Vox, Antonelli, Torgersen, and Freer imagine themselves to be would have noticed something this basic. 

        Vox Day is a living example of why the Church lists Pride and Envy among the Seven Deadly Sins. He's not only destroyed his own credibility in literary circles by practicing both vices on a regular basis; he's dragged down his circle of flatterers and lickspittles along with him. And caused much grief across the board for innocent people from John Scalzi to Toby Meadows. 

         As Conservatives we must stand for civility and denounce all forms of the kind of thuggish tactics that Vox and his gang promote. These extremists are not our allies. They are not of the Right and never have been, and have criticized us as 'Cuckservatives' and 'Churchians' while they promote the anarchistic theories of Game/PUA and the fascistic theories of racial purity. This while pretending that they are social libertarians and Christian reformers.