Thursday, January 11, 2018


    Paul Carter, a 47 year-old resident of Milwaukee was sentenced to 21 years in jail today after confessing guilt to multiple counts of sex trafficking and forced labor. President Trump announced earlier this month a crackdown on this type of crime. 

     Sex trafficking as a crime is widely misunderstood. Radical Feminists have widely exaggerated the extent of the crime; on the other hand Manosphere Red Pills practically deny its existence. Both sides are wrong. While sex trafficking isn't as widespread as the media implies; it causes considerable collateral damage to both the victims, their families, and the community at large. 

       Some in the Manosphere hold that sex trafficking is mostly a victimless crime. To that, we can take Paul Carter at his own words, because here is what he confessed to doing, from an FBI Press Release:

      "After recruiting young women to dance at exotic nightclubs with false promises of more money and a better life, Carter used a combination of physical violence, isolation, emotional manipulation, and threats to harm the victims' families to exert control over the victims and compel them to perform commercial sex acts."

     It sounds like Carter 'knew Game'. That description sounds much like what most Red Pills recommend to curb the Sins of Eve and Female Hypergamy. 

     Among things Carter confessed to doing was branding women with hot irons; kicking a girl's teeth out; throwing another out of a two-story window; locking them in closets; sticking guns down their throats, etc. And he carried out these activities for 12 years.

      Of course, some Red Pills will snort that the women didn't resist and probably enjoyed this type of submission. Suffice it to say, they would have a much different opinion were the genders reversed. 

       People aren't always in a position where escape is possible. During WW2, Korea, and Vietnam, for example, POWs were told that a successful escape would result in the summary execution of comrades left behind. In Fascist and Communist regimes, innocent family members are killed for one's non-compliance. And of course, torture can be quite persuasive. Carter was really no different in his approach. 

       When societies abandon the idea that men are the providers and protectors of women, creatures like Carter and the Red Pills are the inevitable result. Feminism has created a worse atmosphere of objectification than existed before. Trying to value women and men by the same standards inevitably turns women into sexual commodities, bought and sold like livestock.


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