Friday, January 12, 2018


       On a Friday that's seen some actual newsworthy events, the US Corporate Media has been engaging in collective arm-flapping over some allegedly inflammatory remarks the President made during a Senate Conference. With the Fire and Fury expose going the way of the Golden Shower Hoax, the denizens of the Deep State are prowling about like a pack of hyenas looking for some other non-issue to distract public attention from the Administration's achievements. 

        So going outside the US Media, we note the headlines in the Chinese outlet, The Global Times and read the following: "Trump Denies S------e Countries Remark." That really should be about all we need to hear unless credible sources say otherwise. The Global Times goes to tell us about their sources (emphasis ours):

       "Trump made the remarks, people briefed on the meeting told the Washington Post."


       "The New York Times later reported the same story, citing sources with direct knowledge of the meeting."

       Like Michael Wolff's interviewees, the women whom Trump allegedly groped, the unnamed sources privy to Trump's dealings with Russia; etc.: these are the products of somebody's imagination whispered in some yellow-journalist's ear and palmed off on the public as truth. 

        The only actual named source to any of this is Senator Richard Durbin, who's no stranger to making bigoted remarks himself and is a notorious liar. Nothing this man ever says should be accepted at face value. 

        In fact, Durbin's quotes sound suspiciously like they were copied from another Catholic-hating xenophobic bigot like Michael Savage, who references Third World countries in the same language regularly. It wouldn't be surprising in the least if Durbin were secretly a regular listener to the Savage Nation. Savage has the same dislike for immigrants from Catholic countries as Durbin has. He's accused Latin American and Caribbean countries of sending immigrants "to fill Church pews" and "give the Priests more alter-boys to molest." When Melania and Ivanka attended Mass at the Vatican, Savage called the Ceremony "mumbo-jumbo and incense." Durbin---like most 'tolerant' Liberals---feels about the same way. His constituency in Illinois is made up of old-school George Wallace-type Democrats: the types who, during the Civil War, supported the Confederacy because they were keeping Blacks from migrating North. 

         The bottom line here is: Trump is innocent until proven guilty of said remarks. And he probably never will be proven guilty because he never said them. And as for the Corporate Media: the world's biggest public latrines are their own newsrooms---where the excrement seems to flow and where they wallow on a daily basis. 


  1. I'm sure you probably already know this, but President Obama used the exact same words to describe the same countries and was praised for it.

    Something else that jumps out at me, even if it was said,leaking stuff like this is a far more serious offense. We expect confidentiality, informality, loyalty, and trust in these kinds of meetings. If someone is gossiping, bad mouthing, than they are just there to sabotage and should be fired. I realize that's often not how politics and the media work, but just the same it's the truth.

    We try to temporarily keep these things quiet just so trust and group cohesion can negotiate effectively. It is not a press conference. It's a far worst sin to tattle on what people are saying than it is to speak plainly and use some crass language.

    1. As near as I've been able to tell too; that polecat Durbin didn't say anything until AFTER the Media had already cited their 'unnamed sources'. But you're right; this stuff shouldn't be leaked. These types of conferences are supposed to be venues where politicians can speak their minds. I don't think that a lot of Snowflakes understand that these are just brainstorming sessions.

      Pat Buchanan said recently that he was at a meeting during the 1973 Arab-Israeli War with the Israeli Foreign Minister and President Nixon. Buchanan said that Israeli generals advised them that if Israel lost a crucial battle then in progress that they would lose a conventional war. So the Israelis decided that if they lost this battle, they would deploy atomic weapons. Fortunately, the Israelis won and pushed the Egyptian Army back; but imagine if that had been leaked back then.