Tuesday, January 16, 2018


    Vice-President and Mrs. Pence are regular churchgoers. This Sunday, they visited the Metropolitan Baptist Church but weren't prepared for what would happen next. 

     It seems that the pastor, one Maurice Watson, spotted the Vice-President in the congregation and suffered an attack of Trump Derangement Syndrome. As the shocked audience looked on, the Reverend Watson stopped in mid-sermon to fly into anti-Trump tirade. 

     Watson was nearly apoplectic; and for no reason. The source of his outrage over some alleged remarks Trump made at a meeting---which is now being exposed as a hoax. As for Pence: he wasn't even present at that meeting. But in the paroxysms of a TDS attack, nothing but blind rage---directed at any personal or even symbolic representative of Trump, motivates behavior. 

      There's no point in reciting here what Watson said: since they were based on fake news, his comments have no relevance to anything worthy of discussion. The Media Hyenas are of course applauding this outbreak of insanity and breach of ecclesiastical decorum. But the real story should have been Pence's dignified and classy reaction. He refused to leave the church and listened respectfully as befitting a Christian in the House of God. Although we have to go to the foreign press to read it; the Vice-President afterwards issued a statement to the effect that he wasn't embarrassed by it and that the man was entitled to his own opinion. 

        However, we don't think it amiss here to remark that if Pastor Watson is really concerned about degrading minorities, he should visit some of the nearby neighborhoods in Baltimore and Washington and ask himself why he isn't doing much to alleviate the degrading crime, poverty, and drugs rampant in his own backyard. 

        As of this writing, the Baptist Conventions have yet to issue a statement, but we predict that they soon will. Quite a few Baptists happen to be Trump supporters. 


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