Sunday, January 14, 2018


     Despite a denial from the White House and various Senators, the Corporate Media is still pretending that the President actually made derogatory remarks about conditions in Third World countries. Left-Wing politicians have joined in the booing chorus, because, as we residents of the West Coast all know, Leftist-run cities in no way resemble the Third World. Right? Let's look at a few of these Socialist Workers' Paradises:

Seattle: 'America's Greenest City' ranks tops in rats, roaches, and bedbugs, according to HUD. Wouldn't you like to be shopping here:

Or Portland. Another 'compassionate' Liberal city where nearly a dozen people froze to death on the streets last Winter:

And 'progressive' cities like Sacramento, where you don't find dangerous narco-gangs like the Third World, right?


And then there's Oakland, the crime and drug-capital of the West Coast:

San Francisco takes the 's---hole' meme literally. The city actually has to close streets to pedestrians because the human feces and drug paraphernalia have made them impassible. BART escalators routinely break down because they are jammed with human excrement:

Then we come to Santa Barbara, 'The American Riviera'. Home to some of the most aggressive street-bums in the country. Such beautiful beach-fronts:

Los Angeles boasts a district known as 'Murder Alley' in South Central. Parts of this home to the Liberal Hollywood glitterati look indistinguishable from Latin American barrios: 

And San Diego, likewise:

And last but not least, Honolulu, which, well, is another pit:

And this is just the West Coast. According to UN statistics, the US ranks 8th in homicides, higher than Pakistan and Colombia. We have the worst drug addiction rates bar none; our abortion and out-of-wedlock birth rates are higher than South American or African nations. Our infant mortality rate is about the same as Cuba and Malaysia---the absolute worst in the developed world.

America's combined rate of functional and complete illiteracy is 43%; unofficial unemployment rates during Obama's second term was estimated at 24%. A higher percentage of Americans live in poverty than citizens of Morocco and Albania do; by the US government's own statistics.  

That's the country that the Deep State left for the Trump Administration to clean up. It wouldn't hurt us in the least if the Left-Wing media started worrying a little bit more about the s---holes in our own backyard than they are about making up fake news stories. 


  1. I'm a San Diegan and moonlight as an Uber driver; that San Diego picture is accurate. Our own downtown shanties must have said, "We want to make a crappier version of Skid Row" and someone egged them on in a drunken bet.

    1. San Diego, like most other West Coast cities, is in complete denial that the bums, drugs, crime, and poverty are out of control. California is suffering outbreaks of third-world health problems like Cholera and Typhus; Portland is paralyzed by riots; Seattle has the worst drug-addiction rate to the point where narcotics wastes have contaminated the water. Yet, they think nothing whatsoever is wrong.