Friday, January 26, 2018


     The annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland is underway this week. President Trump became the first sitting US President to attend since the Clinton Administration. Thus, all eyes were upon him to see his vision of America in the global economy. 

      For the past few years, China has completely dominated the WEF. Last year's forum was a major political and triumph for Chinese President Xi; although the news was largely overshadowed after George Soros suffered a shameful attack of Trump Derangement Syndrome in front of key global leaders. 

       Trump's decision to attend Davos at all is a sign that his judgment is maturing on Foreign Policy. Actually meeting with foreign leaders instead of listening to RINO advisers and Alt-RINO pundits has shown Trump that the world is not a bitterly anti-American place. Most countries are willing to do business with the United States; but much of the resentment has come from the quasi-Imperialist arrogance of the past Deep-State leaders. 

      "America First does not mean America Alone" Trump told the cheering crowd. Such a statement reflects the solid evolution in his attitude. The President has come a long way from only a few months ago when he was expanding Obama's disastrous Syria Policy as well as provoking China. "A prosperous America benefits the world, and fair economic competition is essential to that prosperity."

       This statement shows that Trump has largely embraced the policy of bilateralism, which he seems to have adopted since his first meeting with Xi Jinping. Xi really pioneered the model; and it's been the driving force behind China's global economic expansion. Under this global trade model, individual countries meet as equals and conduct mutually beneficial agreements apart from the Globalist Infrastructure. Trump has successfully employed that model in recent trade-deals with China, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, and Argentina. 

        At this year's meeting, Trump has met so far with the leaders of Britain, Israel, Switzerland, and African Union head Paul Kagame, of Rwanda. 

         Trump also stressed at this meeting the need for 'Swamp Draining' in global economic organizations, saying that America's goal was to fight against corruption and make the system "efficient and accountable". That statement drew praise from some of the world's leaders while some noticeable wincing from EU representatives. The EU has felt quite a bit of the Trump Administration's accountability during the last year, to say the least. In fact, in spite of the anti-China and anti-Russia rhetoric from the Beltway Swamp, the EU and Japan have been the countries mostly caught cheating and punished by American authorities. 

       The WEF concludes tonight. It will be interesting to discover what effect American re-entry into the world market will be. As Trump said, "America is again open for business."  But we won't hear it from the Corporate Media. The perverts running American news outlets have noted that Melania did not attend are spreading seedy rumors speculating on the Trumps' marriage. Actually, Mrs. Trump had a scheduling conflict: she was representing the US at a Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony. Her native country of Slovenia was impacted severely by Nazi atrocities. 

       At some point, hopefully, foreign news outlets will invest in America and provide us with some decent news services for a change. 

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